by Alsion Lurie

Deciding to purchase women’s boots is not a complicated decision to make, but what about choosing the right one? Here are some tips for choosing the best pair of boots that looks good with the outfit giving a complete attire, and, at the same time, survive through any climate change and period.


1) Material

The material of the boots might seem simple, but it is the most crucial one. Durability and survival are determined by the material used in the boots. Women’s boots come in different materials like leather, fabric, suede etc. Using the high-quality materials mentioned above, making the boots lightweight and delicate. There are waterproof boots too in the market, including leather. Rain or snow, choose the test fabric.

2) Ankle width

Ankle width is an obvious factor to check before buying any footwear. The material also plays a critical role in determining the space and tightness. A comfortable fit with perfect ankle width will give easy and right walking. Nasty falls could be avoided if the ankle is not loose. The material also plays a crucial role in determining the space and tightness. What if the material stretches over time?

3)Heel height

Preference of heel height may vary from person to person. If the person is too short, wearing two to three inches boots will give confidence to them. It would give a perfect look for formal and casual occasions. Heels are synonymous with elegance in a professional look. That’s why people usually go for heels. But some people do not prefer heels but don’t worry! Heel or no heel, the crucial thing is calculating the heel height according to the situation the person plans to wear the boots.

 4) Sole type

Choosing the sole type is the heftiest task most people face while choosing the boots. Since plastic soles are cheaper and easier to make, it is available in every nook and cranny. Most people do not know that plastic soles have the least absorption level as they are hard materials. It will also create joint pain.

Plastic soles produce click sounds during walks so that everyone here and there will be distributed and start noticing. It will be slippery too, as there is a lack of tread. Like its appearance, its usage is also cheap and unworthy.

Coming to the rubber soles, the impact is very different. It won’t make unnecessary noise and also has a grip. It won’t risk the dignity of the person who wears it!

5) Functional

What’s the need for boots if they are not functional? If the basic walking is difficult with the boots selected, the purchase becomes utterly useless. Appearance alone won’t make the boots perfect. Classic looks of the boots and their functionality go hand in hand.

6) Socks

Do not forget to buy the socks. It will help from wet feet or dampness and also save the boots from sweat smells! Also, good socks won’t hurt the joints or feet. There won’t be any rubbing or discomfort if the best pair of socks are worn.

7) Afternoon is the right time

It is interesting to know that there is a perfect time to shop for boots. As the foot widens throughout the day, it is better to choose the afternoon to purchase the shoes. In the morning time, feet would be the smallest size.

8) Reputable online sellers

There are plenty of sellers online but go only for the reputed ones. Their wide range of designs will be quality-assured, and they are experienced to be trustworthy.

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