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Things to Consider When Choosing Bespoke Business Suits

Things to Consider When Choosing Bespoke Business Suits

by Alsion Lurie

It’s natural to be perplexed when ordering a high-quality bespoke business suit because there are many fabrics and designs. It can be daunting to start. 

The purpose of these suits is to help you gain confidence, so choose one carefully that meets your needs. With the help of this guide, choosing one will be easy. Keep reading to learn how.


7 Things to Consider

These things should be considered when choosing the right suit for you;

1. Fabric

Wool is typically the best choice for a corporate outfit. It has a stylish appearance, is lightweight, and is long-lasting enough to resist the rigors of the regular walk. In addition, suiting fabrics made of wool are ‘worsted,’ which means they are smooth and have a high sheen, draping them with elegance.

Wool is frequently combined with other fibers, such as cashmere or silk, offering the finest of the two worlds. Clothes made from silk drape beautifully and have a high luster, but they tend to be delicate and should not be used for your professional attire.

 2. Price

A custom suit can cost anywhere from $500.00 to $10,000.00. However, the price depends on only two factors: production and fabric quality. 

Low-cost suits are frequently poorly constructed and made of inferior fabric. In general, a good quality tailored suit costs at least $1,000.00. The fabric’s manufacturer and mill are then the only factors to consider. Check out our price lists.

 3. Color

You should select only two colors for your first work suit: charcoal and navy. One-color will be more flattering than the other depending on your skin tone, so think about what looks best on you.

Whichever color you choose, both are incredibly adaptable and can be worn with a wide range of shirts, shoes, and accessories – ideal for your first bespoke suit.

4. Cut

The cut of your bespoke business suit and the rest of your fashion choices is mostly a matter of personal taste. However, it is recommended to avoid a “thin” cut suit because it will not last as long and, more importantly, will wear out much faster than a “fitting” cut suit.

5. Style

You will have many options to choose from, depending on what style suits you best. It is therefore recommended to wear a single-breasted jacket with two buttons. Office wear of this type is generally flattering.

Whether you are drawn to one-button, three-button, or even double-breasted coats, keep them for later and select a style that will serve you well.

6. Weight

Suit fabrics are available in various weights, ranging from thin and light 7oz cloth to hefty 16oz. If you’re buying a suit that you plan to wear on a special occasion or environment, you should choose a medium-weight fabric that will last for a long time.

Generally, a midweight garment is between 11 and 12 ounces in weight and is designed to keep you warm without overheating you in hot weather.

7. Pattern

Consequently, it would be best to invest in a pinstriped or a checkered business suit. These are some fantastic styles to incorporate into your closet if you have a few cases, but keep it simple for your business suit.

The classic twill can’t go wrong, but if you’re looking for extra detail, perhaps try a traditional herringbone. It appears smooth from a distance, making it more convenient, whereas the weave has texture up close.

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