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6 Ways To Clean Your Teeth Aligner

6 Ways To Clean Your Teeth Aligner

by Alsion Lurie

Thanks to innovative dental technology, you can now order teeth aligners online to make sure your bite or teeth alignments get fixed. So you can get that confident smile without the discomfort of unsightly looking traditional braces.


6 Ways To Clean Your Teeth Aligner

EZ Smile clear aligners Gold Coast explains, with proper care and attention, you can keep your teeth healthy while ensuring your clear aligners always look fresh and new. Even if you receive several sets of aligner trays for your treatment plan, you must still care for them properly to maintain good hygiene. Take a look at these tips to ensure your aligners look good.

Rinse Whenever You Take Them Out

Each time you pop the invisible aligner of your mouth, you have to ensure that you rinse them. This practice keeps the aligner wet and prevents plaque formation. In addition, it deters saliva from drying on the trays, which can lead to discolouration and stains. When they are discoloured, the aligners will not look clear or invisible anymore.

Use Recommended Cleaners

Do not brush your aligners with ordinary toothpaste. It can scratch the resin on the material and lead to discolouration. Instead, use a specialty cleaner recommended by your dentist. Some also allow you to use normal antibacterial soap for cleansing. Do not forget to rinse off well with warm water before putting them back into place.

Clean Trays When You Brush

Don’t forget to clean your aligner when you brush and floss your teeth. It prevents germs and plaque from forming. If you don’t remove debris like food particles or accumulated saliva on the aligner trays and your teeth, it can lead to odour-causing build up that gives you terrible bad breath. Besides, these harmful bacteria can eat your healthy tooth enamel and cause dental caries and cavities. Therefore, maintaining good oral hygiene is paramount when you wear teeth aligners.

Soak It Once a Day

Today, you can order teeth aligners online and also purchase a special cleaner for soaking. You can also utilize a store-bought denture cleaner or make your solution with equal parts vinegar and water. This practice will kill the harmful bacteria breeding on your trays. Make it a habit to soak them while you are eating. Keeping them in this cleansing solution for at least 30 minutes a day makes a world of difference. Just rinse them before repositioning them in your mouth.

Remove When Eating or Drinking

When you eat or drink, you should take out the clear aligners. The only thing you should drink while the aligner is in place is water. Food and liquid particles may become trapped between your teeth and the trays. Dental caries will develop faster as a result of these circumstances. It has the potential to induce plaque buildup and, in the worst-case scenario, cavities. Furthermore, the aligners’ material isn’t designed to be stain-resistant.

Make Sure You Are Always Prepared

Always be prepared for any eventualities. Whether it’s an unexpected errand or a sudden lunch out with friends, you have to be ready. So keep an aligner tray with you all the time.  In addition, make a small dental kit with a travel toothbrush, tiny toothpaste, and a piece of floss so you can maintain oral hygiene no matter where you are. When you follow these simple steps, you can keep your aligners look good and your teeth free from decay.

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