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Top Water Purifier in India

Top Water Purifier in India

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Due to the increasing amount of water pollution, the quality of drinking water in India has been reduced. According to the recent survey by various non-government organisations, it was brought forward that at least 79% of the fresh water available in India is not healthy for drinking. Drinking contaminated water is causing a lot of diseases like Cholera and stomach infections. 

Carcinogenic diseases like tumours and cancers are also becoming common due to this contaminated water. 

In order to protect the family from all the diseases, people get a water purifier installed so that filtered water is available to them that is free from every type of contamination and pollutant. Choosing the correct water purifier is very important for the safety of the family. The list of the top water purifiers in India has been given in the following way. 


Havells Digi Touch Alkaline 

This is one of the new generation water purifiers which has recently launched at a cost of rupees 16000. It is the best water purifier due to its 8-stage filter Technology. This is the best type of product because it is able to filter the water and make it fit for drinking. Shop for it and get exciting discounts using Havells coupons

It is not only able to remove the dust and dirt particles but also the hidden and minute Chemicals inside of water with the help of its radioactive Technology. It comes in the capacity of 6 l. It is based on the revitalizing technology that is able to kill all the bacteria inside the water. It has been playing a vital role in preventing stomach infections in people. 

Kent RO

This is another important water purifier which is dominating the Indian market. It is available at the cost of 8 to 9000 easily in the market. It has a three-filter technology which removes the Dust and dirt and other types of hidden particles of the water. This water purifier promises to give pure water by enhancing the taste. Water quality is pretty amazing. 

This product comes with the guarantee and warranty of various spare parts which may wear and tear over the period of time. It is also able to regulate the pH level of the water. The pH level is enhanced to 9.5 to reduce the acidity of the water. This feature is not available in any of the competitive products. 

Eureka Forbes

This is another water purifier of the Indian market. It is a sleek water purifier with a 7-litre capacity. It has an automated TDS management system installed inside it to control the quality of the water. It also has a good taste enhancer which is able to adjust the quality of the water depending on the source from where it has come. 

It is able to remove the instances of water pollutants like carbon and lead from the water with the help of 7 Shield Technology. It has many factors to improve the quality of the water. It is completely safe for drinking and does not cause any kind of disease. 


So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your best product before it is too late. These are the best. 

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