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The Undeniable Benefits of Algae in Your Saltwater Tank

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When people picture algae, they typically imagine that slimy greenish-brown substance that grows in ponds or floats in the water. Yet, there are thousands of different algae species, many of which are beneficial in a saltwater tank.

Would you like to learn about the different types of algae? If so, keep reading as we share some characteristics of the best aquarium varieties and their benefits!


Red Algae

Red coralline algae grow slowly in a fish tank and seldom cause issues. It can form a bushy or flat structure, but it doesn’t appear spontaneously. It always comes from an outside source.

On the contrary, it is a food supplement for many types of fish and invertebrates, such as sea urchins or hermit crabs. It also prevents nitrates and phosphates from forming, keeping your tank balanced. Many people also find red algae attractive in their tanks.

If you want red algae, you’ll need to get a donation from another tank, such as a rock with some visible red algae forming on it. There are also infusions available for purchase online, which you can add to your tank. Just be sure to supply plenty of bright light so that it can thrive!

Of course, you don’t want helpful algae to get out of control in your tank since it can do more harm than good. So if you need to get rid of an excess of red algae, learn more here.


Macroalgae (seaweed) plays a vital role in saltwater tanks. It uses light to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, similar to live plants in freshwater tanks.

If you want to prevent harmful or ugly algae from developing in your glass aquarium, macroalga is an excellent solution. It grows fast when provided bright light, consuming excess nitrate and phosphate in your tank. As a result, the macroalgae leave no nutrients for microalgae species and serve as competition.

Here are some macroalgae species you may wish to purchase:

  • Clean sea lettuce
  • Chaetomorpha linum
  • Gracilaria hayi
  • Hypnea pannosa

An added benefit is that an assortment of macroalga looks beautiful in all types of aquariums. You can select different colors for an appealing look, such as a combination of reds, greens, and blues.

Just be sure your supplier treats the algae to prevent unwanted parasites!

Add Algae to Your Saltwater Tank Today! 

After reading this post, you know about beneficial algae species that you can add to your saltwater tank. If properly maintained, they will help your tank stay balanced, prevent ugly algae growth, and provide a food source for your fish.

Just be sure to clean your tank frequently to prevent it from getting out of control, and if this happens, limit the light and nutrients it receives.

Would you like more tips to help you get the best fish tank on the block? If so, check out more of our posts!

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