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Trending Shoes in 2021

Trending Shoes in 2021

by Alsion Lurie

This year has been the best for shoe collectors since it has noticed an upsurge in shoe trends that the world has never seen before. Australia has had many changes in shoe trends, and many sneakers and sandals are gaining attention from the crowd. Rare Jordan sneakers, air force ones and many other classics have become collectables that are treasured and even auctioned. Here are some of the most recent shoe trends for men and women that have caught the public’s eye.



Sneakers have always been a classic that everyone owns. The challenge is to own a shoe that not everybody can find. There are many trends in sneakers that are most wanted by the public in the current scenario. Ankle sneakers have become exceptionally famous among young teenagers for their classic protection and cool features. Rare Jordan sneakers and Nike shoes are trending due to their demand and how the company has marketed their trends to suit the needs of the people. 

Currently, colourful sneakers have become the most trendy type. A regular monotonous shade is no more the hype. Youngsters are investing in happier colours and sporty vibes that look cooler and do not fade as quickly.

Skater shoes:

Vans has always been the best brand for skater shoes since they created a different vibe. They took a regular pair of skater shoes and added their little twist to attract the mass. Currently, they have a lot of demand for their off the wall shoes that are some of their classics. Apart from those, Vans have a variety of rare shoes that are present for a limited time in the market, after which they remove the batch. 

Owning such rare shoes gives one pride and happiness since they are different from the rest. Skater shoes have always been the most comfortable and trendy. They can be worn for a regular walk, skating, or even for a date. They are super sleek and create a fashion statement.


Sandals have always been a comfortable footwear solution. Since beach days call for efficient sandals that match the vibe of the swimsuit as well, there are many trends in sandals. Tie up sandals will never lose their charm as they are super simple, while they also give off high fashion vibes. One can wear them after a swim to a brunch and still look classy.

The newest trend in sandals for women is Birkenstocks that match a y2k vibe. They are super comfortable while also providing a homely feel. They match earthy tones and monochrome clothes the best. Colourful Birkenstocks can match crop tops and loose pants, providing a very cheerful look to the whole outfit. 


Heels have a never ending saga of modernity and innovation attached to them. They have constantly moved on with the trends and created more patterns that can suit every individual perfectly. Classic tones of brown and black have always been a part of every woman’s wardrobe. Stilettos with a pointed edge have recently gained a lot of interest. 

Most women prefer comfort over style, and a combination of both is best to serve. There are many shoes with a wide heel while also lifting the toe for the effect. Platform heels are super amazing for a casual evening, while wedges can provide the class with comfort. Choose heels that do not cramp up the toe and provide enough space for the feet to breathe. Tight heels can cause ankle breaks or other serious problems that are avoidable.

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