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Get Quantitative Aptitude PDF for Bank Exams

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Banking exams are considered a gateway for aspiring candidates to enter the banking sector. Every year various bank exams are conducted by multiple banks and testing institutes across the country to hire eligible candidates. Along with other criteria to get registered in the banking portal for the exam, another most important criterion is to get selected to pass the examination. Bank jobs are getting highly popular among professionals and fresh graduates due to their lucrative salary package, job security, and many other perks for their employees. The aspiring candidates who wish to join the banking sector need to be aware of the exam syllabus as well as the selection procedure.


A brief overview of and Importance of Quantitative Aptitude PDF 

As per the latest exam trends, the most expected questions are provided in the Quantitative Aptitude PDF for Bank Exams that are curated by the experts that ensure effective preparation of the candidates. Quantitative aptitude is a major and highly scoring topic in banking exams, and this is why both the Prelims and Mains exam paper contains a major chunk of quantitative aptitude questions. The questions on this topic are structured in such a way that it helps to evaluate the skill and capability of the candidate. The aspirants need to obtain knowledge about mental math tricks to solve the calculation within a short period. 

The quantitative aptitude section in the pdf includes various topics such as Partnership, Ages, Time Speed, Distance, Quadratic Equation, Profit Loss Discounts, Simplifications, Mensuration, and many more. Beginners can take the help of the pdf to learn about quantitative aptitude without having to search different papers separately. Taking help and solving a pdf that consists of standard quants questions and a detailed explanation of the solutions not only enhances the speed but also increases accuracy. Perfect material covers all types of problems from each topic in this section. Thus, it can lead the candidates toward the path to success. 

Quantitative Aptitude for Banking Exams

Being an indispensable part of the banking exams, this section is included both in the Prelims and Mains exams of the banks. Let’s take a look at the weightage of this topic in various banking exams:

  • SBI Exam (PO and Clerk): In the prelims stage of both the Clerk and PO level, the number of quant questions is 35-40 on an average and in Mains, it rises to 40-50.
  • IBPS Exam (PO and Clerk): In IBPS Prelims of PO and Clerk, 35 questions out of 100 are from quantitative aptitude, and in the Mains, 60 questions are of quants out of 200.
  • IBPS RRB: In the prelims stage of IBPS RRB, in a total of 80 questions, 40 questions are asked from quantitative aptitude. The Mains paper contains a total of 200 questions, and out of them, 50 questions are there to assess the mathematical accuracy and numerical ability of the candidates.
  • Other Banks: Multiple banks such as NABARD, NICL, BOB, Indian Bank, NIACL, IPBB, and many other banking institutions give immense importance to quantitative aptitude in their entrance examinations.

Final Advice

Practising Quantitative Aptitude PDF for Bank Exams makes a candidate smarter and helps in quick calculation and implementing tricks of mathematics. Practice is a major key to success, but apart from that, proper guidance and the right books can make your effort fruitful.

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