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4 Oris Watch Models You Need To Check Out For Your Collection

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One of the most common things that people take for granted in this generation is affordable watches. They often think it’s worthless just because they have a price range accessible to many other people, but if you’re like them and haven’t invested much into your watch collection yet, then this list would change your mind about cheap ones!

The Oris watches are up-and-coming, and the company understands that a sense of elegance is essential to watch buyers. The price on these timepieces is also amicable with their designer counterparts at as little as $775 for some models; this makes them an excellent choice if you’re looking to start your collection or want something new without breaking the bank!


Oris Limited Edition Star Wars StormtrooperAutomatic Black Dial Men’s Dive Watch

The most expensive Oris watch on the list and probably on all models made by Oris is none other than the limited edition Star Wars StormtrooperAutomatic Black Dial Men’s Dive Watch. This product costs a lot because it has been described as an exclusive item with only a few in circulation, which will drive up demand among collectors who want to get their hands on one before they are gone for good!

What’s the best watch you can buy for $2,000? If you are looking to spend money on a timepiece that will stand out from your peers, then this is it. The only downside of these watches is they don’t come in too many colors or styles, so if you’re not into Star Wars and aren’t rare enough yet, keep scrolling!

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Automatic Big Day Date Grey Dial Men’s Classic Watch

Now, this watch is like something that you would expect to see in an old-school movie. It has a classic and vintage design just right for any collector of those types of things. What makes it have such a retro look are the genuine Alligator leather straps embedded throughout, which give it its unique style after all these years! But what’s not remarkable about this piece? How could I forget – there are so many more features too!

The beauty of the watches is enough to make you purchase this watch. Made with stainless steel material and Sapphire crystal, it has an overbearingly scratch-resistant feature that ensures its durability for years. There are tons of other features as well, including easy-to-read dials in either Arabic or Roman numerals, which come at prices ranging from $1,000 up to $1500.

Oris Limited Edition Aquis Hangang Automatic Green Dial Men’s Dive Watch

The Oris Aquis Hangang is a limited edition timepiece with the perfect color combination. In contrast to Star Wars Edition, it has a lower price range for collectors who want something rare but not as expensive.

Another limited-edition timepiece on this list is the Limited Edition Aquis Green Dial Men’s Dive Watch! That said, this exceptional watch comes in two colors – blue and green- which means you’ll never be without your favorite hue on your wrist no matter what mood strikes or outfit you’re wearing that day.

This watch is quite the catch with its intricate details and water resistance. With 28 different jewels embedded, this piece should not be compared to others in your collection because it’s so unique! For only about $1,500 up to $2,500, you can get yourself an absolute steal that will last for years without breaking down – what do you say?

Oris Automatic Classic Date Silver Dial Men’s Dress Watch

The Oris Automatic Classic Date Silver Dial Men’s Watch is a throwback to old-fashioned timepieces that are affordable and look great. This watch has all the features you would expect from an automatic watch, including date and day display and luminous hands for easy viewing in low light settings.

This watch is perfect for any occasion. It’s priced just right, so you can be sure to afford it and yet still have enough money left over from your paycheck! The sleek design makes wearing this look excellent no matter what outfit I’m in – even the most formal occasions will benefit with a bit of help of style that only this timepiece provides me.


A watch is an accessory that every man should own. They are timeless pieces of jewelry. They have been staples in the wardrobes of men throughout history, no matter what era or period you might be interested in exploring.

The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a new watch is getting one that will fit your personality best as well as complementing some other aspects of yourself such as hobbies or interests, so if this sounds like something you would want, then I recommend checking out the four watches on top!

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