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Why must one own some physical gold?

Why must one own some physical gold?

by Alsion Lurie

In today’s world, where every penny and ounce counts, nobody is an exception to running towards money. It’s because of the rising living standards and needs to survive amongst all odds. While most people spend off everything they earn, not worrying about the future, some people save! They utterly keep their savings aside for future use. But isn’t it sensible that investing savings can be a profit yielding choice to make? There are various means to invest some savings, and people most likely prefer the banks for it. On the flip side, gold is a seemingly better option!


Why must one own some physical gold?

Most women may own some jewellery in their closet. But those are for ornamental purposes and are not the purest form of this metal. They are usually mixed with copper, forming an alloy, moulding into different designs and patterns. But a physical form is the maximum purest state of 99.9% and strikes to be more valuable than most currencies. Investing in it gives a sense of possession as one will physically hold the commodity, unlike stocks or cryptocurrencies. Also, it is entirely safe because it’s been in the market for ages!

Why pick gold for investment?

Here is a list of reasons to support that the investment is worth it,

1.Safe and reliable

With the world transforming into a digital dimension, illegal practices like hacking are also apparent now. For example, storing savings in a bank account or a debit card can likely get into the hands of thieves. But when one buys bars or coins, they will physically have it and need not rely on a third party like a bank.

So, the next time one may not freak out being prey to bankruptcy or any other faulty incidents. With physical investments like these, one exclusively owns the asset and can buy or sell it anytime they want. What happens during a financial crisis when the banks freeze accounts? One cannot demand their own money, which is quite pathetic!

2.Easy to carry and maintain

Unlike ornamental metal, physical bars or coins need very little maintenance. Carrying and storing it is easy and does not require one to spend extra money. A safe is all one must have to keep them safe! On the other hand, buy a piece of land or property might eat up too much money maintaining them over the years!

3.Better liquidity

One can buy or sell these coins or bars effortlessly! Most exchanges trade it and, bullion dealers are exclusive for this. Therefore, one does not have to know about such a trade perfectly. However, a piece of basic knowledge about the price movement can help decide the right time to buy and sell, yielding good profit!

4.Surety of better returns

What’s better than a risk-free investment? Nothing. Investment in currency or most other goods with a higher inflation rate can cause doubtfulness of a possible return. Likewise, unpredictably stock and currency can have their depreciation over the years and render back to lower values. But a physical asset like this is the most trusted profit yielding investment and has high margins compared to most other investments.

5.Does not swing in price

Throughout the years, their price has been stable and has oscillated only between a narrow range. But most commodities have higher fluctuation rates that create doubt and uncertainty of a particular stock, as it can even hit a price of 0 anytime. So, this investment is either one gains or ends up recovering the money spent. Losses are rare!

Buying gold is the safest, reliable and easy-to-do investment for anyone who wants to see profits with their savings!

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