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Teaching Tips for Online Education

Teaching Tips for Online Education

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen significant growth in the shift to online education. Teachers had made a shift from classroom teaching to online teaching taking all things you love to teach to home.


Teaching Tips for Online Education

They have created their classroom at their own comfort and convenience where they have an internet connection. Even Though it’s challenging but with little research and practice, you too can gain the flexibility of online teaching. Here we have provided some teaching tips for online education.

1.Plan your Classes

Proper planning is essential for a virtual classroom as your students are not physically in front of you. Class time is less and the students will be expecting to learn as much in that short period of time. So plan your lessons accordingly and make them more useful for your students.

2.Become Familiar With Online Learning Tools

Andre Chapman suggests that to teach confidently online, master the technology and platform tricks required for you.  Being tech-savvy will be more helpful for you as an online teacher. Try to identify some of the common technical issues and know how to get tech support. Get the right hardware and software. A strong internet connection and a reliable computer are a must.

3. Communicate Regularly

Communicate with your students regularly and try to maintain a consistent online presence. Encourage students to have discussions about the topics and the questions and concerns they have. Answer their questions, doubts, and concerns in a timely manner. The more you get engaged with them, the more engaged they are. Remind them of the tasks and assignments to be done. Let them have the best methods and time to contact you for their doubt clearing. Give your students encouragement and appreciation which goes a long way.

4. Motivate Your Students

The learning capacity of each person is different. Some students may be more active in your classroom while some may not. Motivation plays a crucial role in the learning process. Find ways to motivate your students to get the most out of your class and to get them to interact more. Regularly analyze the progress of each student and identify the students who need more support. Keep in touch with them and motivate them to stay on pace.

5.Make your lessons interactive and encouraging.

Online classes can be made more attractive and encouraging. There are a wide variety of educational technology tools to transform your teaching and to engage your students. With the right tools, you can add some interactive sessions in your lessons such as written responses, quizzes, drawing, collaboration boards, polls, etc. These can make online classes more interactive.

6.Ask for Help and Feedback.

Your students can give you valuable feedback about your online teaching. They can give you positive and negative feedback on your online teaching which helps you to improve your way of teaching and helps to move forward. Collaborate with your colleagues and other online educators to ask them about the strategies and tools they use for online teaching. 

The shift from traditional learning to online learning in recent months has meant a lot of changes, especially for students and educators. More and more people choose to study online as it is way cheaper, more flexible, more effective, and requires less commitment than traditional learning.

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 Online learning and online platforms are available not just for academics but also to crack competitive exams, to upskill your skills.  If you have been cracking your head over the viability of competitive exam courses then go for online platforms like Entri to help you get the best out of them. Students can focus more and can learn at their own pace. And there is no easier way to do that than by taking online classes.

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