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The most popular sports for betting

The most popular sports for betting

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The most popular sports for betting

Modern bookmakers allow bettors to place bets on dozens of different sports, from football to cricket. This does not mean that they are all equally popular. According to statistics, more than 80% of the total betting volume falls on 3-4 disciplines.


Why soccer betting is popular

Regardless of the bookmaker, the most popular discipline among bettors is football. Bookmaker companies always pay a lot of attention to this sport. A wide line of events, many types of bets, an impressive list are offered. Since there are a lot of bets on this sport, the bookmaker’s margin is also lower.

Football as a bettor’s discipline has many advantages:

  • high limits;
  • most of the matches are broadcast on TV;
  • team sport.

The more popular the discipline, the higher the limit. Some bookmakers allow you to bet on football from 10 to 50 thousand dollars or more.

Unlike sports such as table tennis, croquet, etc., most football matches are broadcast. There is always an opportunity to watch how the bet is played using TV or the Internet. It also makes it possible to bet live. This means placing bets when the match is already in progress.

Team sports are always better than singles in sports betting. If a tennis player is injured or does not feel well, the event is postponed or canceled altogether. In football, this is unlikely, because any team member can always be replaced.

There are drawbacks to betting on football. Firstly, it is the absence of overstated odds. Secondly, to place successful bets, you need to conduct a long and thorough pre-match analysis. Each team has 11 players, you need to have time to study the statistics of each.

Each discipline has its special types of bets. In football, in addition to outcomes, handicaps, and totals, there are:

  • will score by 1 team or 2;
  • how many yellow cards there will be;
  • how many red cards there will be;
  • substitution of players;
  • fouls;
  • offsides;
  • who will score the first goal?

Before placing a bet on football, it is important not only to study the odds and determine the leader but also to make an independent pre-match analysis. To do this, you need to study the current form of both teams, statistics of personal meetings, motivation, position in the standings, a list of players with injuries, who will be the referee of the match.

How to bet on eSports


Every day, esports disciplines are gaining popularity in betting. Nowadays, many modern platforms offer to bet on the outcome of matches in Dota 2, FIFA, Starcraft, CS: GO and other games, including pari match India, a well-known bookmaker’s office.

Especially betting on esports became in demand during the pandemic in 2020, when many traditional events were canceled. The advantage of computer game tournaments is that players can take part in them without leaving their homes. However, the most prestigious tournaments are held in LAN mode, that is, gamers perform in front of a real audience. This eliminates force majeure such as internet connection failure and other technical problems.

The information content is very important in esports betting. If the bettor does not understand a particular game, it will be difficult to successfully predict, focusing only on the odds.

How to learn to bet on tennis

After football, the most popular traditional discipline in sports betting is tennis. This sport is in demand among bettors for the following reasons:

  • the psychological and physical shape of 2 players is much easier to track than in team sports;
  • regularity of events – the tennis season never ends, the off-season is only 14 days a year.

Sports betting has its drawbacks. Since there are only two players, the event may be canceled due to sudden injury, illness, or poor health. Most of the matches take place on outdoor courts, so the game may not take place due to weather conditions. Before betting on tennis, you need to study the following types:

  • for the outcome;
  • handicap;
  • total;
  • account by sets.

A beginner is best suited for the outcome. It is enough to guess which player will win. The person who bets on the handicap must determine how many games a tennis player will win against another.

To increase your chance of winning, you need to find out the following information about the match:

  • on what surface the game will take place – carpet, grass, hard or ground;
  • rating of each player;
  • motivation;
  • tournament status;
  • statistics of personal confrontations;
  • current physical and psychological shape.

Each coating has its characteristics. For example, on the ground, the bounce of the ball is high and slow, which makes the matches last longer. On the grass, the advantage is given to tennis players, whose serve is their strong point.

Determining the current fitness of each player is easy – just look at the results of the last few matches.