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Masters of Computer Application- Everything You Need to Know

Masters of Computer Application- Everything You Need to Know

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Sitting there and reading this article from behind your computer screens, you’d probably be wondering how technology has shaped the way we perceive things around us. Information is the greatest tool of the modern man and a Masters of Computer Application is one of the fundamental courses which introduces an aspirant to the world of technology.

Masters of computer application is a two-year degree post-graduate program for students and professionals who are looking to delve deeper into the world of computer programming, applications and resources in both hardware and software terms. Colleges like NIET, Greater Noida and Christ University provide their students with an extensive, research-based program that helps them grow their careers in the world of computers.

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Eligibility criteria for Masters in computer application

Everyone is looking to hop onto the technology wagon running into the future and therefore, numerous students are looking to apply for engineering and computer application courses every year. The eligibility criteria for Master’s in computer application according to AICTE is that the candidate must be a graduate with a BCA/B.Com/B.Sc/BA degree with mathematics as a subject in 10+2. Some colleges like NIET, Greater Noida also have a cutoff of 50-60% marks in graduation and around 55% in 12th boards.

The course is a precise combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are exposed to various tools meant to develop better and efficient computer applications and software. It also provides the students with practical insights into the overall dynamics of computer systems. There are a lot of career opportunities waiting after completing a Master’s in computer application in top firms around the country.

Skills learned in the process

Masters of Computer Application is one of the top skill-building courses when it comes to the dynamic world of computers. It focuses on high-level problem-solving scenarios which a hardware or software developer might face in the real world and introduces futuristic theory modules. Some of the core elements of the degree are as follows-

  1. Programming and data structures
  2. Object-oriented designing and analysis
  3. DBMS lab
  4. Statistical computing lab
  5. A.I
  6. Computer organisation and architecture

Specializations to choose from

When it comes to understanding the world of IT and computers, one degree remains somewhat insufficient. There is a plethora of information out there, waiting to be consumed and applied and hence, there are different domains in which the art of computers can be learned. The various specialization under the Masters of computer application are as follows-

  • Application software
  • Hardware technology
  • Internet
  • Management information systems
  • Networking
  • Systems development
  • Systems management
  • Software development

All these different streams come under a greater umbrella- they all are extremely important for the IT industry to function as it does. Colleges like NIET, Greater Noida and Christ university really help students realise their area of expertise and then direct them in one direction with all the focus as well as not letting them lose the bigger picture of things.

Opportunities after the course

There is a sea of opportunities waiting for someone who has completed their degree in MCA. From live projects to high-paying jobs, there is so much good work available in the market. It all depends on the capabilities of an individual to get out and fetch the jobs they wish to pursue. Computers are made up of a lot of elements. From the hardware like the CPU, keyboard, monitor and mouse to the deep ocean of software which is never-ending, there is a lot of work to be done to put together an efficient computer. The various jobs you can get into after graduation from good colleges like NIET, Greater Noida are:

  1. App developer
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Database engineer
  4. Ethical hacker
  5. Manual tester
  6. Hardware engineer
  7. Trouble-shooters
  8. Technical writers
  9. Social media handler
  10. Web designer or developer

Great courses strike a balance between the theory and the hands-on, practical aspects of the field. Masters of computer application is one of those courses. It is essential to get your hands dirty in the field no matter if you work in hardware or software.


It is safe to say that computers are the future of the planet. From our phones to modern machines, everything is a computer in some form or the other. It is essential to thus realise the need for a formal education higher up the ladder. MCA is a course that raises the bars way too high and creates an individual with a large aptitude for knowledge.

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