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How to stay positive: tips for online learners

by Alsion Lurie


How to stay positive: tips for online learners

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Positivity refers to having an optimistic approach towards life, finding solutions to overcome the obstacles to make life better and happy instead of being a part of negative thinking. Students with positivity with learning can perform much better and achieving success and stability in life becomes easy for them. Traits such as patience, enthusiasm, success, happiness, satisfaction, better relationships, and composure in life can be achieved by having a positive attitude. Students who have a positive mindset can become more productive and successful in learning.

How does positivity help students?

1. In the competitive world we are living in, a positive attitude can help us go and actively move. The best advantage of staying positive is that it is a big source of motivation. A mind which is occupied by negativity is not able to move forward and achieve planned goals in life. But a positive mind motivates students to do the best of their capabilities in order to achieve success in life. Overcoming the obstacles becomes easier for the positive students.

2. Positivity can become the best stress reliever for the students. Stress and anxiety is a major problem with many students. Stress for exams, scores, grades, academic curriculum, future jobs, family issues, and much more keep the mind occupied with negative thoughts. A positive mind finds ways to overcome these issues instead of feeling sad and discouraged.

3. A positive mind is directly linked to a healthy body. The students who see life with a positive approach are much more energetic and cheerful as compared to the ones who are occupied with negative thoughts. A healthy and active body performs all the daily work and duties better.

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4. Better interpersonal relationships can be achieved by inculcating positivity in lives. A negative mind, cannot stay friendly and happy with others. And in today’s time, good interpersonal skills are required in both professional and personal lives. Positive minds help students to connect better. Joy, fun, and delightfulness are very important to make the world a better place for all.

How online learners can stay positive : 3 best tips

In the digital era, online teaching sites in India are growing rapidly. In the present pandemic times, all the students are learning online. Where many have already adapted to this system of education successfully, many are still struggling with it. Learning online, managing studies from home, how to stay connected with teachers can affect the positivity of the students. Let us discuss some tips which can help students stay positive and give the best of their abilities while learning online.

Tip 1: stay regular with your studies

The main reason behind students being stressed, pressurized, and full of negative thoughts is not staying regular with their studies. The habit of procrastinating, being in a hurry, and delaying the work can be harmful to the students. The ones who do not study regularly, feel stressed when exams are near. Questions such as how I will do it, what if the syllabus will be left incomplete, I cannot do this, etc develop a negative learning environment. Studying regularly helps students to stay active and confident in their classes via classroom app.

This helps them to stay positive and continue their good work.

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Tip 2: taking feedback constructively

Effective education is incomplete without receiving feedback from the teachers and parents. Feedback is the tool that helps us to improve ourselves for better growth and development in education. Many students get offended or feel discouraged when teachers advise them about something. Many times they start doubting themselves which develops negative thinking in them. Every student should focus on taking the feedback constructively. Also, teacher teaching via classroom app should ensure that students are taking the feedback in a helpful approach. Students should use the advice received positively for improving their studies.

Tip 3: trust yourself, have patience

Many students lose hope very easily. By facing a few difficulties in understanding and scoring, students feel that it’s not their cup of tea, and negative thoughts, self-doubts, poor future outcomes, and overthinking prevail in their minds. Students who are learning with the help of online teaching sites in India should understand that it’s a new pattern of learning for them. Regular efforts, patience, active studies, and punctuality with classroom learning will help them to give their best in academics. This technique will surely help them to develop a positive cognitive approach.

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To do well in life and education, having a positive mindset is very important. To all the students learning via online mode of education, adapting positivity for effective academic performance is very important. All the three above-mentioned tips are helpful for online learners. Good interpersonal skills, better scores, grades, patience, and receiving effective education can be accomplished by fostering positivity in one’s life.

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