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Bathroom Blogs: What Should I Look For When Buying a Bathroom Faucet?

Bathroom Blogs: What Should I Look For When Buying a Bathroom Faucet?

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Did you know that a lot of people are completing home renovations at the moment? If you want to change the faucets in the bathroom, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what bathroom faucet you should choose.

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Don’t Only Consider the Appearance

Many people will pick new faucets based on what they look like instead of how they work. Looks are critical, but you want to find something that’s going to last.

Talk to different retailers and plumbers to find the right choice.

Don’t Spend Too Much

You should plan to spend under a hundred dollars on new kitchen or bathroom faucets.

You’ll get a faucet for less, but it might not be super quality. If you end up spending more, you could pay for some extra features like durability or reliability.

Consider if you want single handles, multiple handles, or conventional sprayers. Would you prefer a pull-down sprayer?

What About the Spout Reach or Height?

Faucet spouts will vary in reach and height. Pick one that looks nice. Yet, if you have a shelf that’s above the sink, the tall spout might not work.

With a three-bowl kitchen sink, the faucet with a shorter reach might not extend to the bowls. Bath faucets with a shorter reach could cause you to slop water behind the spout.

Pick Ceramic Valves

If you would like to avoid a faucet that drips, look at picking one with ceramic valves.

Different types of valves will remain drip-free for years. Yet, they won’t stay as reliable as ceramic. Faucets with a ceramic valve will cost around the same.

Some Finishes Are More Durable

Pick a finish that will match your towel bars and cabinet hardware. Otherwise, the mismatches will look bad.

If you want to replace existing hardware, you’ll have plenty of choices. The majority of faucets have satin nickel, bronze, or chrome finishes.

These finishes remain durable and will look nice for years. Chrome is a durable finish and easy to clean. This is why it’s popular for public bathrooms and commercial kitchens.

Does your faucet get used often? Then look for one with long-term toughness.

Nickel finishes get labeled stainless steel, satin, or brushed and may have a dull shine. They are durable but might show water spots or fingerprints.

This will make it more challenging to keep clean. Some coatings will reduce smudges and stains. Yet, the coating isn’t as durable as metal and could wear or chip.

Bronze faucets have a brown tone, and they get called rubbed or oiled bronze. The surface has a coating instead of metal. The layer’s tough, but it can get scratched or chipped more quickly compared to metal.

Try Counting the Holes in Your Sink

If you would like to switch from two handles to one, make sure you have enough holes in the sink. Sinks tend to have three holes, one for the cold handle, one for the hot handle, and one below the spout.

Some single-handle faucets will include a cover plate to hide the holes.

If you would like a kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer mounted in the spout, install a soap dispenser. Your new faucet will include one.

Two-handle faucets have a stylish appeal that will suit bathrooms. Single-handle faucets will have advantages.

Pull Down Sprayers

If you had a side sprayer, you might have dealt with leaks or dribbles. You might assume you will have trouble with a faucet-mounted sprayer.

Experts tell you that pull-down sprayers will be more reliable compared to old side sprayers.

Single-hole faucets will combine the mixing handles and spout handles. A single lever is one unit that will require only one drilled sinkhole. Single hole faucets are perfect for smaller sinks.

A center-set faucet fit is standard for three-hole sinks. They have a single lever or two handles mounted on a six-inch plate.

Widespread mounts will have a spout and two handles. The distance between the handles is around eight inches.

Consider Different Technology Trends

Do your kids love to play in the dirt or outside? Consider getting an ozone-activated antibacterial bath faucet. There’s a sanitizer that you can get that will inject a stream of ozone into the water stream.

This will kill the germs but keep the water safe for drinking and washing.

Look into modern bathroom faucets

What About Motion-Activated?

Another popular choice for bathroom sink faucets is choosing something that’s motion-activated. You can get a new model where there’s flow control, temperature adjustment, and a motion-activated on and off button.

Find a Reputable Contractor

Before you plan the job, you should look at finding the right contractor to finish your job. Make sure you ask your friends if they could recommend someone.

You don’t want to invest in new bathroom faucets and then not get the right person for the job. Ask around and call a few different people before you choose someone. 

Ask the contractor how long the project should take and if they have insurance coverage.

Bathroom Faucet

We hope this guide on choosing a bathroom faucet was helpful. Consider what bathroom faucet you would like to choose for your bathrooms. Work with a reputable contractor who can get the job done fast.

Are you looking for more home decor tips? Stick around and browse our many resources on the blog.

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