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4 Most Common Summer Insects and How to Keep Them Away

4 Most Common Summer Insects and How to Keep Them Away

by ReddyPrasad

Not all creatures roaming your property during the summer are out there to help you. Some of them can create a pest problem in your flower beds and hedges, while others can give your family, friends, and guests a pest problem all their own.

By keeping an eye on, paying attention to, and staying proactive with common summer insects, you can maintain control over your property’s health, prevent issues from getting out of hand, and spare your family from uncomfortable or painful bug bites.


So what type of pests should you be concerned about this summer? Read on to find out.

1. Mosquitos 

For some, summer hasn’t started until they find themselves scratching from a mosquito bite. Due to their preference for warm climates, mosquitos are among the most common summer insects. Because of this, it is easy to accept their unwelcome presence but you don’t have to!

Mosquitoes love standing water so be sure to avoid any as well as seek a quick remedy if you have any accumulating around your home. Plants like lavender, peppermint, and rosemary are great natural repellents.

They are also most active early in the morning or late at night, so cover up your arms and legs if you don’t want to be scratching all summer!

2. Ants 

Well known for ruining their fair share of picnics, ants are another one of those summer insects that need no introduction. They are generally harmless, however, some species do bite and sting.

So, what should you do if you want to avoid ants? It’s good to remember that ants only want one thing, food.

So inside your home do your best to clear up and not leave any crumbs or spills out that may attract them. To prevent these summer insects from getting inside in the first place, give your home a once-over and seal up any cracks and holes that can give these pesky pests access. You may find you need professional help with this. If so, click here.

3. Bees

High on the list of most common insect sounds in summer, buzzing bees can quickly turn a relaxing setting into a panic. That being said, if you can identify them as bees (generally more hairy, rounded and bigger) then there is little real reason to stress as they tend to want to avoid stinging.

Bees are known to have a sweet tooth, so keep this in mind and try not to leave out sugary foods and drinks. If you notice one is more persistent about hanging around then another reason may be sweet-smelling perfumes.

4. Flies

Is there a more frustrating pest than the fly? Perhaps it’s because once you notice one you can’t help but be distracted by it, hoping that it finds its way out of your house without any encouragement.

Yet, summertime means that they are one of the sounds of summer insects that you will not be able to avoid, especially in late summer.

As they are attracted to food sources, much of what applies to bees applies here. Clean kitchen tops are important along with making sure that, much like mosquitos you clear away any standing water if you don’t want to encourage breeding from drain flies.

Have a Summer Insects Free Summer!

We hope that our insight into summer insects has given you enough ammunition to get rid of the creepy crawlies that could end up calling your house a home.

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