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4 Things You Ought To Know When Buying Modern Rugs

4 Things You Ought To Know When Buying Modern Rugs

by Alsion Lurie

Rugs, especially modern rugs, can be used to make your house more decorative and stylish, whether you want them as a background for your furniture and other décor or as a unique artwork for your floor. With just this simple décor, a room can be boring to bold, traditional to modern with no hassle.


4 Things You Ought To Know When Buying Modern Rugs

Before you buy yourself a rug, there are a few things you need to consider first.

What rug style do you want?

There can be many modern rugs out there that can complement any room, furniture, or lighting. Although they look amazing, you are not limited to go for Persian rugs or European ones.

It is up to you how you want your room to look. There are now floral and tropical styles, geometrics, even abstract coloured ones.

That being said, you need to do some research first so you know what styles are available which would be an excellent fit for your room or space. It does not have to match everything in your room, but it should match the tone and texture of your furnishings.

Consider the colours

When it comes to rugs, the first thing that you should consider is the colour. The colours you will choose will be the ones you will see every day when you go inside the room, but more important than that, it will set the tone in your entire room.

If you have existing furniture, consider their colours and see how well the colour of your rug can work with them. Rooms that have various colours and patterns work well with rugs that are neutral or have a single colour.

If you do not have that much furniture, let your rug work with your floor and walls.

Rugs can either be the centre of attention or part of the background.

High pile or low pile

There are three different piles which are low, medium, and high. If you want a sturdier rug, the best choice would be soft pile rugs.

They are also cheaper than high pile rugs. But if you want a soft rug on your feet, higher pile rugs are what you want.

When choosing a pile, if the room is always busy with people, go for low pile rugs, but if not, then use higher pile rugs.

How much effort are you willing to put into maintenance?

Be honest with yourself. Are you someone who does not mind a high-maintenance rug? Most rugs out there have to be vacuumed and cleaned every day, so low pile rugs will suit you if you find this hassle. They are straightforward to vacuum, or you can just beat them outside if you do not want to do that.

High pile rugs can take a lot more effort to clean and sometimes need a professional.

But no matter what rug type you choose, the best way to avoid hassles when cleaning them is by taking care of them properly. If you want, you can use a rug pad. Just make sure that it’s compatible with your floor. So if you are ready to buy a modern rug, use these tips so you can have the perfect rug for your room.

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