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Signs You Need to Hire Painters in Adelaide

by Alsion Lurie

The first thing people notice about your house is the exterior and interior. Be it guests or house viewers, the way your home looks sets the tone and impression. Moreover, your interior is the first thing you see after waking up, and the exterior is the first thing that welcomes you when you walk in. However, like most things in life, you sometimes need a change. If looking at the same colour every day feels monotonous, or you notice peeled walls, signs point to hiring expert solutions such as painters in Adelaide.

Fresh paint adds colour and life to your place. In addition to aesthetics, painting offers various other benefits. If you don’t know whether your home requires a fresh coating, look for the following signs:


Faded Colour

Constant or extended exposure to the sun fades the paint texture. Unless you live in a shade-covered area, sunlight hitting the walls affects the colour—especially in Adelaide, where temperature can reach as high as 40°C. Light colours stay longer than dark colours, as harsh sunlight cracks dark shades. If you notice faded colours, it would be best to reapply the paint. While you should get a colour you like or prefer, try leaning towards lighter colours because they have a longer lifespan.

Cracked Caulks

Caulks seal crown mouldings and armrests and join the gaps between the wall and the final coating of paint. A caulk protects the surfaces from breaking and damage. However, caulks lose their flexibility over time. Repainting the house strengthens the caulk and improves its elasticity. When choosing a caulk, select one suitable for all weather conditions.

Moisture-Induced Damage

Mould is one of the most reported problems in Adelaide homes due to dampness and low temperatures. Moulds result from moisture affecting the wood and either shrinking it or creating spaces between wooden surfaces. Gaps in wooden pieces cause mould or mildew. Since mould can affect people, pets, and things, repainting the house prevents rotten or spoilt wood from harming you or your property. In addition to hiring painters in Adelaide, it would be best to repair or replace your current wood and apply a fresh coat for extra protection.

Peeled Walls

Peeled walls are one of the significant signs that suggest repainting. Chipped, cracked or peeled surfaces, whether interior or exterior, weaken the walls and increase the chances of generating mould. A new paint job will make your place look visually appealing and vibrant and avoid severe damage to your health or house.

Problems in Reselling Your Home

Potential buyers prefer purchasing freshly and neatly painted and furnished properties. In Adelaide, repainting a house increases its value by 5-7%. A fresh coating makes the place look new, well-maintained, and taken care of, making it more visually appealing. If you are hitting blank walls when looking for buyers, consider repainting your home. It will make your place look brand new, enhance its beauty, give it maintenance points, and increase its value by a significant margin.

Monotony and Repetition

Everyone longs for a change. Whether taking a vacation for a change of scenery or upgrading your wardrobe, a change adds flavour to life—and repainting adds colour to it. If you are tired of gazing at the same colour, spruce up your lifestyle by picking a colour of your choice and redecorating your place!

Wrapping Up

Calling painters in Adelaide to repaint your house is an excellent idea if you want to break free from a dull and repetitive lifestyle. Additionally, professional painters ensure your home stays in great shape, strong, and mould-free.

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