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Why Does a Washlet Matter in a Dunny?

Why Does a Washlet Matter in a Dunny?

by Alsion Lurie

Traditionally, Australians have been incorporating toilet paper as part of their daily hygiene routines when taking a trip to the toilet. However, like all things that change with time, paper rolls are now out the window, and washlets are now sweeping over, promoting a clean and healthy way of sanitation. Not to be confused with a bidet, popular washlets in the country like the TOTO washlets are affixed into the seat cover allowing for a more seamless washing experience. 


Why Does a Washlet Matter in a Dunny?

Countering the need to reduce toilet paper consumption in the country, even though it makes up a significant market, is attributed to paper rolls being more prone to transfer germs while in use. Not to mention the various manufacturing processes for these paper rolls that involve chemical constituents and promote deforestation, harming the environment in the long run. 

In the meantime, toilet paper usage skyrocketed during the onset of the global pandemic. And even though various manufacturers have found ways to make production processes a bit more ecological, citizens agree that water is the ideal choice for cleaning after relieving. As such, this is where the washlet comes into play! 

Advantages of Using Modern Washlets in Toilets

Modern homes are recommended to invest in high-quality devices like the TOTO washlets, since it is the most hygienic way of practising a healthy cleaning regime. So, here are some advantages to help cement that purchasing decision: 

  • It’s Safe for the Environment

No chemicals are involved, and no more used paper rolls are discarded carelessly in the bins. Besides, using a washlet is the safest way to promote environmental safety while achieving a better cleaning option. Moreover, they also come with their own set of chemical fluids that are nontoxic to the skin and ecological too. So, customers don’t need to purchase other forms of cleaning liquids that can potentially pollute the surrounding area and may even be potentially harmful to the skin if they come in contact.

  • Improved Protection Against Germs

As mentioned before, toilet papers have a bad reputation for keeping microorganisms at bay. And unless the user has a proper wash after every use, which is highly unlikely, chances are the disease-causing germs will spread, infecting the people they come in contact with. But with washlets, no one has to worry about any such issues as the cleaning is completely hands-free. 

  • Easy to Use and Maintain

Since there are sensors that activate the device, there’s no need to expect any leaks or wastage. It also reduces the chances of splashing to a great extent because of the controlled flow, reducing the risk of slippery floors. Additionally, the lack of handheld cleaning devices also means more space in the toilet. 

  • Additional Features Available

The perfect blend of technology with everyday use gives users access to an array of configurations for every one of their cleaning needs. And functions like cleansing in the posterior or front positions, temperature regulation, deodorisation, automation of closing or opening and efficiency control make it one of the most versatile tools to have while relieving oneself. On the other hand, while promoting cleanliness and efficient usage, all these added comforts will never come with handheld faucets or toilet papers. 

Installing a washlet will be a better option for those looking to save money in the long run and prevent driving to target stores every time for a packet of toilet paper rolls. So, with fewer costs required for maintenance and the added benefit of hygiene, get all the advantages of a hassle-free cleaning experience with just the push of a single button! 

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