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A Unique Sydney Vacation

A Unique Sydney Vacation

by Alsion Lurie

A Sydney vacation seems incomplete without a visit to the Opera House or one of many azure beaches. While Sydney in Australia is a globally renowned tourist destination, few people know of the hidden gems in Sydney. Sydney has several mainstream tourist attractions that fill a week’s worth of vacation.


A Unique Sydney Vacation

But there are also various other tourist places that few people visit, making it the perfect destination for an intimate holiday. Almost 10 million tourists visit Sydney year-round, but few try the Boat hire in Sydney or The Royal Botanical gardens. Australia, in general, has a reputation for its outbacks, hiking trails, and its sandy beaches, besides the indigenous food and culture. While these places are also worth the while, people can enjoy a quieter holiday in these places.

A Unique Sydney Experience

Forgotten Songs

Forgotten Songs is a unique street between George and Pitt in Sydney, filled with a canopy of bird cages. These cages symbolise the various birds that were once common in Sydney but not anymore as the city developed. The birdcages emit the sounds of these birds, a way of remembering them. People can walk under this canopy any time of day, as the bird-call sounds change through the day.

Purikura Photobooths

Japan-enthusiasts can find a piece of Japan in Sydney’s Haymarket. This small amusement park-like structure has a hoard of game machines, but the primary attraction is their Photobooth, called Purikura. Purikura is a word born from the combination of “Purinton Kurabu”, the Japanese interpretation of Print Club. These photo booths offer a variety of customisation options for the photos and print them on stickers. They are an instant hit among group travellers.

Meet Eric

“Eric the pliosaur” is a collection of bones that turned into opal over the years. They have an intriguing history, which people can read at the Australian Museum. These remains almost became jewellery, but thankfully they are on display today at the museum. This dinosaur gets its name “Eric” from the famous Monty Python Song.

Badu Mangrove

This mangrove forest is inside the Sydney Olympic Park and is accessible by a boardwalk. The walkway is also wheelchair-friendly, allowing access to everybody, and winds through the mangrove forest. The forest is home to various indigenous and exotic bird species, allowing people a glimpse into unique flora and fauna. The mangrove forest also has picnic areas and restrooms, making it the perfect outing for family travellers.

The White Rabbit Gallery

This museum has the reputation of being the best contemporary Chinese art museum worldwide. The limited space inside only allows for a few exhibits, though the museum has a vast collection. People can come throughout the year to look at their complete collection.

An Aerial View

One unique experience besides the Boat hire in Sydney is the helicopter view experience. Tourists can take a 20-minute helicopter ride around Sydney for an aerial view of the Sydney Harbour, The Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and Bondi Beach from above; an exciting experience. The helicopters are fully safety-equipped and offer a thrilling and memorable experience.

A Tour Down History Lane

The Rocks is a well-known neighbourhood in Sydney that sees heavy foot traffic year-round. But people should opt for the guided history walking tour to truly understand the history of the place. 

Of the 10 million visitors, more than 7 million are domestic tourists in Sydney. Though most of them are from Australia, they still visit the mainstream attractions, rather than trying new experiences like “Forgotten Songs” or Boat hire in Sydney. There are more hidden gems than the places on this list, and people should try these unique tourist attractions for a novel holiday experience.

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