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A Checklist for Each Room

The Ultimate Checklist for End-of-Lease Cleaning

by Alsion Lurie

As you leave a rented property, preserving the house to its “original state” is a courtesy. Often, landlords insist on this from the tenants in Australia. And this is where professional cleaning and vacating services can help. 

Vacate cleaning services are essential to empty the house as well as clean it up thoroughly. This also ensures you do not leave behind any possessions by mistake. However, if you like to supervise the process, having a checklist will help. 


A Checklist for Each Room

With the pandemic-induced economic downturn making more people likely to rent homes, learning the process is better. So, here are the different factors you must note while the end-of-lease cleaning is undertaken:


Depending on the use, the kitchen is the one place that requires a thorough clean-up. The grease, dirt and grime around the stove can be stubborn. Besides, other appliances have to be wiped well before they are packaged and shipped to your new address. Hence, before cleaning and packing away, make a list of the different utensils, cutleries, and other small items.


Next to that, the bathroom is the most used room in the house. As such, soap scum, hard water marks, toilet stains, etc., are a few things that should be checked and cleaned thoroughly. Meanwhile, it is best to give your professional a heads-up about the bathroom condition to know the requirements. 

Here is a list of things the professional vacate cleaning services should provide:

  • Washing the tile surfaces.
  • Cleaning basins, bathtubs and the commode.
  • Removing hard water stains from shower enclosures and any other glass surfaces.
  • Disinfecting the entire toilet.
  • Cleaning the shower heads and taps.
  • Polishing the mirrors.
  • Dusting the air vents thoroughly.

Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Dining area

Most of your heavy furniture is in these rooms. And since they are heavy and rarely moved, a lot of dust accumulates beneath them. In the meantime, vacate cleaning services in Australia provide heavy-duty cleaning so that once this furniture is packed away, the floor looks as good as new.

Besides, vacuuming and mopping the floor: both are important. And it would be best if you got all cupboards, drawers and shelves cleaned. The interior of the windows, sills and tracts need to be thoroughly cleaned too. Also, take caution regarding the removal of cobwebs and pest control if needed. Carpet steaming, cleaning the blinds, and washing the wall, along with spot cleaning, are also essential parts of end-of-lease cleaning.

Balcony and Laundry Room

If the apartment has a balcony and laundry room, you will need to pay specific attention to those. The floor of both your laundry room and balcony are prone to getting dirty quickly. Hence, these should be thoroughly cleaned. The washer and dryer also need to be wiped down too. 

For the balcony, give special attention to the doors and tracts, and make sure the floor is swept and then mopped thoroughly. Moreover, you should get the exterior of the window sills and tracts cleaned as well.

A professional providing you with vacating and cleaning services will streamline the process for you. And if you feel like supervising the task, plan well ahead and then proceed on a room-by-room basis. Being thorough with the process as much as you like is going to be beneficial. Professionals providing this type of service will also do the same thing.

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