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When to Call Slip-and-Fall Accident Attorneys

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The law is as vast as it is complex, so it’s crucial to hire a lawyer when you’re facing a legal challenge. Over 1.3 million practicing lawyers across the country agree.

Your wallet might be asking different questions, though.

For instance, is it worth your money and time to pursue a lawsuit in the first place? Do you even have the basis to seek out a claim? Should you call slip and fall accident attorneys or just cut your losses and move on?

We understand your hesitation. Read on to learn 4 signs that suggest slip and fall accident lawyers are a good investment for you.


1. You Are Struggling With Several Losses After Your Accident

The top sign that you need a lawyer is that you’re struggling with losses after your slip and fall accident. Some slip and fall accidents only result in minor injuries. If you didn’t seek out medical care or need a recovery period, then it’s unlikely you have a claim.

On the flip side, you will have a claim if you have a serious injury. You can research more details about how to gauge the severity of your injury. If you’re still not sure, lawyers for slip and fall cases can help you decide if a claim is worth it.

2. You’re Getting Push Back From the Responsible Party

If you already know you lost a lot, then you might be under the impression that the other party will play fair. You might think they’ll cover your losses, as it is the right thing to do.

The more likely case, though, is that you’ll get push back from the responsible party. When you do, it’s time to call in a lawyer to take over.

3. Someone Else Caused Your Accident

When it comes to the many types of lawsuits, they all come down to one thing — fault. If someone else caused your accident, then the law likely has your back. Where negligence exists, legal liability does also.

4. Your Slip and Fall Was on Someone Else’s Property

Another sign that you need to talk to a lawyer is when your accident happened on someone else’s property. Premises liability laws often shift liability to property owners, especially where negligence exists.

It’s crucial to seek out a lawyer’s help in these situations. The other party will likely do the same.

How Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys Can Help

Have you identified one or more of the signs above in your specific situation? If so, then slip and fall accident attorneys can help you. A good lawyer will teach you more about personal injury lawsuits so you know your options.

If you decide to seek out a case, then they’ll fight for your rightful compensation. In the best cases, they’ll help you win your case!

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