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profile victories of the 2021 Olympics

The most high-profile victories of the 2021 Olympics

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The Olympic Games, which took place in Tokyo, attracted a lot of attention. As noted by Thomas Bach, who is the head of the International Olympic Committee, these were the best games of those that took place in his memory. The IOC claims that the organization of sports performances was excellent, but the opposite opinion is held by millions of fans around the world who did not have the opportunity to be present in the arenas where the competitions were held, which, in their opinion, deprived the performance of the charm inherent in all previous Games.

The most high-profile victories of the 2021 Olympics

At the same time, the organizers do not get tired of reminding that the main thing in any Olympics is the athletes who represent their countries in competitions and help popularize the sport in general. The main competitions in the world were already delayed for a year, so they turned out to be incredibly popular among the audience, despite all the nuances in their regulations. The Summer Olympic Games will be in the spotlight for a long time, since in many respects their structure turned out to be unique, and the best practices in the organization will certainly be used in the future.

To hold the games, the regulations had to be seriously tightened, which introduced provisions on stricter sanitary and epidemiological standards, according to which the presence of spectators in the stands was the first, which had to be completely abandoned.


2020 Olympics team classification: who has how many medals?

The medal classification of the national teams at the Olympics has never been officially held. At the same time, these results can be found on almost any sports site. They are tracked all over the world, so it will not be superfluous to recall the top three finalist countries that managed to win the most medals:

  • USA – 39 gold, 41 silver, and 33 bronze awards;
  • China – 38 gold, 32 silver, and 18 bronze medals;
  • Japan – 27 gold, 14 silver, and 17 bronze Olympic trophies.

The personal results also deserve the attention of the fans. The most successful athlete who took part in the Tokyo Olympics was Caleb Dressed, who managed to win 5 top awards in the discipline of swimming at once.

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The performance of the Russian team during Tokyo 2020 was lower than many might have expected. Despite the sanctions of the IOC and WADA, as well as the need to perform under a neutral flag (the regulations even banned the performance of the Russian anthem during the performance of its athletes), the Olympics ended with 71 medals in the team competition, among which 20 were gold. This is the fifth-highest number of gold medals and the third-highest for the total number of medals. Comparing the results with the performance in Rio in 2016, it can be noted that the number of gold medals increased by one, and the total number of awards increased by 16 at once.

If we consider the results that have been shown to other countries in the post-Soviet space, then the best result in terms of the total number of medals was shown by Ukraine, having won 19 medals, and athletes from Uzbekistan were able to receive the most gold awards.

The German national team during the last Olympics managed to win only 37 awards in the overall standings, of which only 10 were gold. Summing up all the awards, this is 8th place at the Olympics, but the national team will take only 9th place in gold medals. Recall that at the previous Olympics, the FRG team managed to win 17 gold medals, which allowed it to take the 5th line in the ranking.

World records at the Tokyo Olympics

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During the past world championship, five new records were set at once by athletes from the following countries:

  • Ireland;
  • Romania;
  • Netherlands;
  • PRC.

Dutch athletes managed to win gold in rowing. The champions managed to cover the 2-kilometer distance in just 5 minutes 32.03 seconds, beating the British and Australians by 2 seconds. The previous record was set by the Ukrainian team, which in 2014 showed 5.32.26 at the same distance. Rowing also set a new record in the women’s discipline, where the victory went to the girls from China. They covered the distance of 2 km in 6 minutes 05.13 seconds.

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