by Janardhan

Games are important for everyone and nowadays everyone is involved in at least one game in their life. Some play indoor games and some play outdoor games according to their comfort zone. The main motive of everyone is to play games to feel stress-free and enjoy him or themselves. So that they feel relaxed to play. No doubt, outdoor games fit our bodies and maintain our health. But indoor games are as important to play because it also feels relaxing and cheer up you when you play with your friends. Indoor games are chess, carom, snake and ladder, ludo, rummy, etc. these all games have good fun to play. Rummy is an interesting mind game. By playing this game you may sharpen your memory and interact with many people of the world because by playing online you may play with anyone even a native of your country or other countries. There are so many benefits as follows:

Sharpen your memory: This is a mind game because you have to remember which card you have picked and which card you dropped and you know about the moves of the opponent so that all these things must remember when you are playing. No doubt not so much physical movement but use full of mind and in this way to play on regular intervals increases your skill, and stamina as well as sharpens your memory.

Increase your patience level: This game is sometimes over in a few minutes and sometimes takes time to over and must play this game at least end because you don’t know when the game will come in your hand. You never say in the first move whether you got victory or not. This way to play and keeping stable in the game increase your stamina and patience, which will work in your real life.

Make sense to organize your business: Every game teaches a lesson and this game teaches how to play each move wisely if any mistake, the game will be left in your hand, and chances to lose the game. So to play this game must organize your cards properly and every card must be seen clearly so that no move will be done by mistake.

Play online also: In ancient times, this game was played in any corner of the market or any club or house but now online you may play this game. You do not want to move from your place and you will meet your friends online and play this game even if they live so far from you. Even you may play in your break time and feel fresh due to the pressure of a boss, work, or any other issue.

Feel fresh: Everyone is occupied in their life and sometimes you want relaxation but due to being busy at work you are not going to plan to move out somewhere. You have the option to play online and relax your self by playing. Because a stressful person never does his/her work properly and sometimes stress will affect your health so relaxation is a must for everyone.

Easy money making: This game is played by two types, one is pointwise and the second with real money and a bit of money and play and a person who won got money and in this way you earn money and your both motive will complete you enjoy in this game as well as earn money. But it doesn’t feel like your daily wages, because youth is attracted to this game, and no doubt they earn but play this game for entertainment and relaxation.

To keep yourself on the safe side: In this game, your first strategy is to win by making pure sequences and the second is to keep the joker with yourself for the safe side because more jokers have more chances to win. If you apply this rule in your business how to make yourself safe, never lose in your life in any face of life. Because security is a must, it helps to achieve your goal.

Teaches how to get success: In this game, every player has a strategy to win and they make moves in the game to win like picking, dropping cards, and when you will show your game and never stick with one card change your sequence of cards if one right card you are not getting so that you make pure sequence easily and in this way you know about how to handle a situation and get success.

Boost your intelligence: Rummy is a tricky game and this game will win that person who uses his/her intelligence because sometimes bluffing will work if you see the game is not in your hand and you may bluff at that time and to see your strong confidence will opponent will drop game first and you win in this way bluff will use with your intelligence.

Rummy is a very interesting game and our youth is attracted to this game because it is easy to play and option to play online which is very easily entertaining their selves without moving from their place. It boosts your stamina and also sharpens your memory. But never greedy about money. Because some people play this game and are greedy for money and sometimes they have to suffer losses, so play this game in limit.

To play a game just to relax not think to earn money and fulfill your basic need. By playing games you meet many new people online and you make friends online. you also know about the current situation of the world by communicating with them. So if your friends are not available you may play with anyone so you don’t want to wait for your friends and then play. It also helps to teach how to organize your business or daily routine in life and also teach how to get success in business and life. Games are necessary for everyone first you must know how to play rummy and first learn how to make a sequence it is either three card sequence or four card sequence.

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