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How To Build A Close And Friendly Remote Workforce With Video Games

How To Build A Close And Friendly Remote Workforce With Video Games

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Working remotely offers several advantages, such as reducing travel costs and time and promoting a healthier work-life balance, but it also has some drawbacks. Remote employees frequently feel less connected to their firm and less engaged because they are not present in the office with their coworkers, which can lower output and performance.

Engaging remote workers will ensure that your team is just as effective and productive—if not more—than it would be if they were in the office.

Video games are the key to bringing together all the employees and it helps cultivate positive relationships between them.


Why is playing video games considered good team building exercise?

A few decades ago, activities like video conversations and virtual conferences appeared like something out of science fiction. However, interacting with people online is rather common these days.

However, these behaviours are commonplace in the world of gamers and have been for some time. This is due to the increasing popularity of multiplayer games since the pandemic began. Since they allow players to communicate and have fun with others while spending extended amounts of time alone, video games have actually become the escape for many.

When collaborating on an enjoyable project or objective, it is much simpler to feel connected to others. Furthermore, the laid-back nature of video games makes it simpler to strike up discussions, tell jokes, and more.

Video games could be regarded as juvenile by some more conventional businesses. However, 64% of adults in the US play video games on a regularly. Start-ups in this industry frequently have a more open culture, which has enabled them to create teams that are cosier and friendlier.

Characteristics of good video games

  • The video game needs to be enjoyable and encourage participation. The best options in this regard are games like League of Legends, GTA, Dota 2, and Minecraft. This period of time needs to feel more like a social gathering than like an extension of work.
  • It is advised that it fosters teamwork or encourages participation among employees. similar to a task to do or a team to defeat.
  • The game must be simple to learn right away because not all members of the work team are experienced players. In a similar vein, participation needs to be simple right from the start.
  • The game needs to be adaptable to the majority of players because the goal is for it to serve as an inclusive component that brings the staff together.
  • If the game is a video game where players compete against one another, it is critical to constantly reinforce that the game is all about healthy competition. Although it is common for internal jokes to arise or for certain employees to start making fun of others, they should always act politely.

Benefits provided by video games to the workforce

  • The workers’ self-esteem is raised as a result of mission completion.
  • It will be easier to identify the team members’ advantages and disadvantages. As a result, the organisation will be able to place them more effectively.
  • The team’s natural leaders will have the opportunity to emerge and win the respect of their peers.
  • You’ll lessen the strain that comes with habit.
  • The leaders of the company will have the perfect chance to develop stronger bonds with the other workers.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to engage workers from various generations in a fun activity.
  • It enables staff members to become more proficient and self-assured in using new technology.
  • Encourage healthy rivalry.

In any contemporary workplace, especially for remote jobs, there is no excuse not to try team-building activities including video games. For this, you can play both free and paid versions of the top online video games like คาสิโนออนไลน์ games.

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