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OSRS’s Subscription Prices Increased

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Inflation? In OSRS subscriptions? It’s more likely than you think

After 20 years of updates and content, Jagex has decided to increase the subscription rates for OSRS. Don’t worry, though. If you have an active subscription, it isn’t much of a problem. Here’s everything you need to know about this price hike and its meaning for your OSRS gold.


Changed Prices

On May 4, the increased prices were applied to both Runescape and OSRS. Here’s a breakdown of the new subscription costs.

1-Month 6-Month 12-Month
USD 12.49 59.99 79.99
GBP 8.99 44.99 59.99
EUR 10.99 53.99 69.99
AUD 16.99 80.99 119.99
CAD 14.99 71.99 113.99

For US players, $1.50 is added to $10.99 for the 1-month subscription. The others increased by $5 and $10 respectively. More or less, that’s the same rate for the shortest and longest duration offered (+14%). The middle one has a lower rate at 9%. Alongside this price increase, the 3-month subscription has been discontinued. They saw too little sales and interest, so they stopped offering it.

Membership isn’t the only product affected by this price hike. Bonds, Runemetrics, Treasure Hunter Keys, and Runecoins also became more expensive. Take note, prices on mobile may be different from those on desktop (Windows or Mac).

Additional Information

If you have an active membership that has not lapsed for 14 days before May 4, you don’t have to worry. You can continue paying the cheaper rates you started out with. The FAQ for this update called it a ‘Grandfather’ Membership Rate. As long as you keep up your payments, it won’t rise to its current costs.

That extends to the now-defunct 3-month membership. If you’re enrolled in one before this update (same criteria as above), you can continue it in much the same way.

For both situations, once you make it lapse for 14 days, you’ll have to restart your membership with the increased prices.

The only difference is the 12-month membership. Since this update also made the 12-month membership the new vehicle for the Premiere Club, they don’t get the perks automatically. They’ll have to cancel (lose their Grandfather Rate) and start a new subscription to get the benefits.

The new Premiere Membership has everything the Premiere Club has, with instant rewards and monthly perks. Plus, it offers a 45% discount on the 1-month membership (and about 33% on the 6-month one). It’s the one that gives the most bang for your buck.

Also, it’s available all year round. Its predecessor was only open twice a year, and tough luck if you missed it. Jagex will continue to update the rewards of this membership yearly.

As for why this increase happened, it’s the result of their regular review of pricing. Jagex saw a rise in development costs, global inflation, and economic fluctuation between currencies. Those necessitated an adjustment for them to continue their production and services.

What Does This Mean for OSRS Gold?

Considering Bonds also became more expensive, this will influence the approximate price of OSRS GP in real money. Sure, it only matters for those who buy OSRS gold, but that’s something they should take note of.

Those on the other side of that transaction can take advantage of this situation. Technically, you can put a price on OSRS gold by getting a gold to real money exchange rate using a Bond’s cost in both currencies. Because its worth in cash increased, gold’s price in cash also increased. That’s more profit for them.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter for a typical player. Think of it as a short thought experiment. The bond’s price increased in gold, though it has dipped and is currently hovering at the 6M mark. It peaked on May 12 at 6.17m. There’s more farming for those wanting the achievement of buying a bond fully F2P.

Continue Enjoying OSRS and Runescape!

While it is more expensive to do so, think of it as a reasonable price for the game. About two-thirds of the game is hidden behind this paywall, and more and more content will be added. It follows that the membership price also increases, doesn’t it?

Besides, with all the benefits of the 12-month subscription, it’s a tempting offer. Those perks aren’t available in the other offers, and rewards will be refreshed daily. If you’re going to be playing the game for a year (or more), this is the best offer you can take.

So have fun and enjoy the game. That’s the best way to get the best out of your membership, no matter how long it is. It’s going to be hard not to have fun, to be honest. All the best equipment, quests, areas, and activities are members-only. You have a lot of content to go through.

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