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How to avoid bounce rates in email marketing

How to avoid bounce rates in email marketing ?

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If a subscriber willingly provides an email to get valuable information from you and does not get it, it is not a win-win situation for anyone.

Bounce rates are creepy numbers, and they are common in email marketing.

With this blog, you will be mastered how to avoid such creepy bounce rates in email marketing!!!

Bounce rates can be like a nightmare to an email marketer as it directly impacts its sender reputation, decreases deliverability score, decreases open rates.

All you need is a strategy to avoid bounce rates to ensure healthy communication with your subscribers.


What are the valid reasons for such bounce rates?

  • Invalid email address
  • Spam content
  • Non-existence of domain name
  • Your email server block email delivery
  • Bad sender score/IP reputation
  • Email box is full

Here are the following ways to avoid bounce rates in email marketing –

Email list hygiene –

Email list hygiene entails removing inactive email subscribers and ensuring that your messages are sent to the right person, which helps you avoid being marked as spam.

Email list hygiene should be a regular part of your email business. It is all about filtering out unwanted subscribers.

“Data is the new oil, and email list hygiene protects the most valuable asset, i.e., data.”

Keeping your email list clean will improve your deliverability rate, which is one of the important att email login metrics.

It is healthy to keep your list clean on time.

Prevention is better than cure, so cleaning your email list will give you immediate positive results.

keep your subscribers updated –

For an email marketer, subscribers are the real asset. Therefore, keeping subscribers updated is a part of the email marketing strategy.

Promptly, you have to keep your subscribers updated about the services you provide.

Opt for list segmentation to directly reach your target audience and give them all updates.

Updating your subscribers will boost engagement rates, ultimately generating website traffic.

Regular updation about your services will gradually decrease bounce rates as subscribers will be more interested in connecting with your products.

This will also help generate brand awareness, which is crucial in getting engagement rates and reaching loyal users interested in quality content.

Email account verification –

Email account validation is done to opt out of those users whose emails are invalid and are not in use for so long.

Email verification is of utmost importance as it prevents bounce rates and makes it easy for an email marketer to reach the target audience.

Through email validation, you check if the mailbox exists, whether the domain name is valid, and above all, it seems that the messages have reached the valid users.

Sending emails frequently to accounts frozen for a while will increase the graph of bounce rates steadily, thus impacting the sender’s reputation.

Email verification services combat such issues and drastically increase open rates.

Frequency in sending emails –

Emails are sent in a timely manner and not frequently twice or thrice in a day.

You have to analyze to know the perfect days in the week to send emails. Try to be more creative with your CTAs to attract viewer’s attention.

Sending an email at the wrong time and you will see unsubscribe rates skyrocketing, but sending emails at the right time will turn your subscribers into payable customers.

You have to know the buyer personas, and for that, you have to do experimenting or conduct surveys to know which time is suitable for you to send emails.

Quality content –

Content should be written so that it will attract the reader’s attention in the first instance. Moreover, it should be concise and straightforward.

We all are now familiar with the saying, content is the king!! Specially, all the content writers, bloggers, email marketers are very well versed with it.

Relevant content is the basis of any marketing strategy. It will definitely prevent bounce rates and more engagement rates.

According to information shared by campaignmonitor, 81% of marketing leaders put content at the core of marketing.

Content forms a huge part of how you form your relationships with your subscribers. Therefore, if your content is not good enough, it might cost you your valuable asset, i.e., subscribers.

Domain authentication –

Domain authentication is MUST as irrelevant domain impacts your sender reputation directly.

To ensure deliverability, you need domain authentication. Emails that fail domain authentication will have a higher chance of getting spam or increase bounce rates.

Domain authentication tools are – SPF, DKIM, DMARC.

Bounce rates are warning signs that you need to verify your email lists and take steps to make your email look more professional and appealing.

Sbxhrl is a free online application that may assist you in increasing traffic and income.

Feedbacks –

Ask your subscribers for valuable feedback, which you can use to make the necessary changes to bring the bounce rates down.

Feedbacks are important tools in the digital marketing world that lead the marketer to fulfill the needs and requirements of its users.

By asking for feedback from your subscribers, it will engage with you, thus increasing the conversion rates while taking the graph of bounce rates down.

With such valuable feedback, you can focus on your website and content.

Keep an eye on spams –

Spams are what make the sender score down. Email verifiers have built-in spam filters which keep unsolicited emails in another folder as a spam folder.

Spam traps easily increase bounce rates as emails are sent to such invalid accounts whose existence is unproven.

To avoid bounce rates, do not use spammy words which will make your email/message irrelevant.

A spam trap is a nightmare for email marketers, making bounce rates even creepier!!


Wrap up –

Bounce rates can have detrimental effects on your email deliverability rate. Therefore, efficient steps need to avoid bounce rates to ensure you reach your target audience.

Keep it simple, and your email list will look healthy and more engaged. You need to follow the above tips to make sure you don’t face bounce rates.

What are you thinking ???

Make a kickstart at zero bounce rate!!!

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