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Meet the Everchanging Customer Experience (CX) by Going Beyond Digital

Meet the Everchanging Customer Experience (CX) by Going Beyond Digital

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With changing consumer preferences, the market offers an abundance of choices. Customers no longer have limited physical touchpoints and expect you to be available at every instance. This has opened up a new horizon of possibilities for your customer to cross-sell, upsell, and service. SaaS industry innovations, for instance, salesforce CRM solutions, have made it easier for companies to track and enhance customer relationships for the long haul.

This blog will look at how going beyond digital and tapping into other channels can improve your customer experience.


The Path to Multi-sensory Customer Experience

Amid accelerating consumer empowerment and an increasingly connected global landscape, the year 2020 effectively proved to be the origin point of customer superpowers. From cultivating virtual relationships to relying on apps, customers now firmly perceive interactions through a digital-first lens, with higher expectations for intuitive, integrated, and personalized engagement. The digital experience is just a piece of the multi-channel customer experience.

As a result, companies need to use digital platforms to reach customers in new ways and keep them engaged while simultaneously creating new products or services designed around customer needs. This is why simply digitizing existing business processes isn’t enough to compete in a post-pandemic economy. Understanding the customer beyond the digital space will help you stay relevant in business.

CX is Evolving Rapidly Beyond Digital, But Some Challenges Need to Be Resolved

In the past, companies that had a website or even an app were lucky enough to be considered market leaders. However, today’s customers have grown accustomed to incredible digital experiences, not just on their phones and tablets but also via voice-activated applications, TVs, and other connected devices in their homes. They have high expectations regarding how they interact with brands and expect timely feedback wherever they communicate with those companies. Hence now, CX is more than delivering a product or service. It’s about prioritizing customer care across teams and taking a holistic approach to products, services, and customer interactions.

The important question is – when customers seek innovative solutions and value creation over straightforward transactions, how do companies deliver?

There is a need to fill the gaps between data-based insights and the engagement needed to make those changes. Businesses cannot continue CX as usual without connecting the dots internally and externally. Operational processes need to be modified to adapt when customers are placed in the center of everything. Customer-centered companies examine their operations from 360 degrees, finding actionable insights in real-time and delivering relevant engagement at each touchpoint.

But few companies are organized to operate at this level: 53% of respondents to the HBRAS survey said organizational silos are a top-five barrier to improving CX.

Connecting Silos for Customer-Centered Organizational Setup

In a novel economy defined by artificial intelligence-enabled personalization and anytime, anywhere commerce, customer experience management (CX), and digital transformation now carry a new mission and purpose – for companies to become customer-centered.

The entire focus of your business will be shifted away from only being concerned with sales and revenue directly into developing better experiences for your customers. At every step of the buying process, empathetic, relevant, and personalized interactions will ultimately show you care about them on an individual level. Ultimately, it takes day-to-day leadership, accountability, and tireless focus.

In the constantly evolving business world, companies need a trusted partner to ensure that they are empowered to provide more personalized customer experiences, strengthen digital resiliency, and expand sales opportunities.

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When it comes to customer experience, companies have a lot on their plates. Customers have high expectations, and they move fluidly between channels, meaning that you have to bring the different departments together because the customers need CX across all digital touchpoints. In this age of digital everything, CX is critical, and companies must re-engineer how they deliver it, so it is best to unify your organization to open positive interactions with customers.

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