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3 SEO Tips and Tricks for Your Small Business

3 SEO Tips and Tricks for Your Small Business

by admin

When you started your small business, did you find yourself wondering, “What is SEO?” 

By now, you probably know SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a multi-faceted endeavor that can help your small business climb from page four or five of Google’s search results to page one.

At least, that’s the goal anyway! And the higher you travel up that first page, the higher your revenue can climb. Below, we’ve outlined three of the best SEO tips and tricks that can form the basis of a well-rounded digital marketing campaign.


1. Work on Your Link Building Strategy

This form of SEO for businesses doesn’t provide overnight success. However, link building does provide long-term results.

The goal is to secure a link back to your company’s website on high-quality, trustworthy, and authoritative sites. This boosts traffic to your site and secures a nod from the gods at Google.

Over time, it can boost you further and further up the search engine results pages (SERPs).

One of the best tactics is to write an article that can serve as a guest post on a related, authoritative industry site. Then, as the visitors to that site read the article, they’ll come upon your link and make their way over to your site.

2. Concentrate on Your Content

If anyone tells you the days of blogging are over, think again! Personal blogs might be taking a hit in the lands of YouTube and TikTok. But, company blogs are still a major marketing machine.

If you post consistent, high-quality content to your company blog that offers real value to readers, your small business SEO will soar.

Keyword Research

The primary factor in content creation is keyword research. Let’s say you’re starting a web design company. Pull up one of the free keyword research tools out there and see what everyone’s Googling.

If it’s “web design trends,” then write an article about it. In 1,000 to 2,000 words, educate the world on top design trends. Explore the best WordPress themes; investigate the truth behind a simplistic layout.

As you write, incorporate that keyword in five places:

  • Article title
  • Meta description
  • Article intro
  • One header
  • Article conclusion

Before you know it, Google’s bots will sniff you out as an authority on “web design trends” and boost you a little bit higher up the SERP train.

3. Incorporate Video

Speaking of YouTube and TikTok, see if you can make video production a priority. If all those influencers can do it, then so can you.

Linking a short video on your homepage eliminates some of the reading that prospective leads tend to scan. Also, as your YouTube video garners more and more likes, it’s also going to be shared across different platforms.

This ties into your existing social media marketing efforts. If you check out the SEO giants at this site, you’ll see they help companies give the people what they want.

These days, it’s short video clips, educational tutorials, and content worthy of readers’ valuable time.

SEO Tips and Tricks for Your Small Business

It was difficult to narrow it down to three SEO tips and tricks. Link building, content creation, and video are certainly chart-toppers. But, you also have PPC advertising campaigns, local SEO, and reputation management services.

Still, if you start here, you’ll create a wonderful base and your small business will start to enjoy the benefits of SEO.

As the marketing landscape continues to change, we invite you to keep coming back to visit our blog. It’s always being updated, with your success in mind.

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