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Follow These 5 Tips to Help You Wind Down From Working

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Although it still holds some amusement virtue, there’s no denying that work tends to be draining. From taking calls from customers to meeting with clients, there’s just no time for your brain to rest (except maybe for that very quick one-hour lunch). Not to mention dealing with infuriating co-workers on top of everything.

Having said that, stressful work doesn’t have to mean a stressful home. Sometimes we tend to bring our not-so-pleasant mood home and thus ruin what is supposedly the one time you can relax and simply be with yourself. If this continues, you can even experience burn-out and lose motivation to work at all.

Therefore, it is important to create a relaxing environment at home instead of making it another working space for the day to make sure that doesn’t happen. Here we have concluded some of the best ways to help you wind down and forget all about work. Let’s check them out!


(Actually) Sign off from work

When we say signing off, it doesn’t mean simply changing your status to offline or going home to only continue your work there. What we mean is fully detaching yourself from work by turning off your email alerts and work notifications. This is important because to make a space ‘relaxing’, you need to isolate it from the source of your stress, which in this case is work itself.

So, the next time someone comes up to you about non-emergency work past your office hours, tell them you’ll get to it in the morning or simply ignore them. Understand that it’s not your job to be available 24/7/365. This way, you can also reinforce and enjoy a better work-life balance.


Ok, but why is working out so important? Besides maintaining your health, exercising also lets your brain release feel-good hormones that will help you feel lighter. If working out at the gym or following a workout routine from YouTube is not exactly your cup of tea, running or taking a walk around your neighborhood can also be an option.

Another alternative you can try is to clean your house. Not only will it count as exercise, but you also get to feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoy a clean space to relax in after. Then, simply turn on your Bose speaker and sweep away to your favorite jams!

Cut a knife through your stress

Should there ever be one thing that people can agree on, it would be that food is life. Simply because of this, the act of making it can also turn into a stressbuster. There’s nothing like the smell of a fresh-out-of-the-oven batch of pastry or a pan of your mom’s favorite meal to cook.

Whether you like to taste as you go or strictly follow a recipe, cooking is a highly enjoyable experience for your creative buds. You can even opt to cook with your friends and loved ones to make it even more fun.

Let the hot water melt your tension away

Whether you prefer taking a bath or a shower more, using hot water is much preferable. This is because hot water can help ease the tension in your muscles and thus help your body relax. Combine it with a thorough skincare routine session afterward, and you’re all set for a stress-free night.

If you love to soak in a warm bath, try mixing Epsom salt in your water. Besides its affordable price, you can also loosen any stiff joints and even fight off your recurring insomnia. Should your skin fall on the more sensitive side, it is wise to consult with your doctor first before you use Epsom salt or any of your bath favorites.

Be one with your thoughts

Meditating comes with a lot of benefits, even when it is not spiritual-related. Doing it for at least 10 minutes a day can help you re-center yourself and reset your mind. A tip is to use aromatherapy as you meditate to help you relax further.

If staying still isn’t exactly your strong suit, then journaling might be a good fit for you. Writing down how your day went and how you feel about it can help you gain clarity on your real thoughts and feelings, instead of the mulled ones you had throughout the day. This is especially beneficial, as it can help you see a new perspective on things and even find solutions for your problems.

All in all, although you are bound to meet exhaustion and frustration at work, it is important for you to stand up for yourself and create a clear boundary. Communicate your needs to your supervisor because they won’t know otherwise. Remember that nothing good ever comes from forcing something, and neither does your work. Good luck and don’t forget to drink water!

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