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4 Home Decor Accessories to Amp Up Your Space

4 Home Decor Accessories to Amp Up Your Space

by Alsion Lurie

Doing up your space can be both- an exciting and challenging prospect. And that is why home decor items are known to be the real deal-makers (or breakers) in terms of elevating your entire inhabiting experience.


4 Home Decor Accessories to Amp Up Your Space

By choosing the right home decor accessories, you can truly render your space an image to behold! And to get you started, online hubs like House2Home can help you with their diverse home decor offerings. 

Listed below are four home decor accessory ideas to transform your space from the place in your head to the one in front of your eyes:


Fragrances go a long way in creating a pleasant aura for your senses. Besides, when paired with elegant candle holders, candles add a peculiar taste to your room. There is no lack of variety when it comes to choosing these charming additions. If you’re craving a vintage vibe, you can opt for taper candles or settle in for dainty votive variants for a more subtle look. You cannot go wrong with a vibrant pair of pillar candles, and decorative glass candles can be trusted any day for the beauty they bring. Whether aromatherapy is on your mind or the sheer comforting illumination that candles offer, they must undoubtedly be on your home decor list.


What is a home without memories? Your home decor accessorisation is incomplete without the presence of thoughtful frames that make for beautiful reminders of priceless moments. You can experiment with a mix of contemporary and traditional frames. So a digital frame can grace your coffee table, while a floating frame can grace your walls and add a personal touch to your home. You also have dedicated photo holders to store your precious memorabilia. And then there are canvas frames to bring out the art connoisseur in you! Frames are an effective way to do up your walls minus any expensive paraphernalia.


With gorgeous flower vases, you can breathe life into your rooms. Imagine the exuberance fresh flowers add to a space! And what can be better than a lovely accompaniment to hold them in the form of vases? You can sparkle up your corners with the help of tall bouquet vases or go one step further to adorn your table with ceramic or cylinder vases. And if you’re looking for a refreshing contemporary touch, bowl vases are the real deal. You can check out the exciting range of bowl vases at House2Home to gain some inspiration. Besides flowers, they can also be apt for holding a nice potpourri arrangement. For a more minimalist look, hollow vases could suffice.

Lighting Fixtures

You have options aplenty when it comes to embellishing your home with the perfect lighting fixtures. From floor lamps to ceiling lights and wall fixtures, you name it, and a plethora of vibrant additions await you. Depending on the area size and the theme you wish to incorporate, you can opt for anything from chandeliers to track lights and table lamps to recessed fixtures. The trick is to ensure that your lighting blends into the entire space and renders an ambient feeling no matter what kind of fixtures you opt for. By taking a leaf out of the above-mentioned list, you can be sure to add value and versatility to your home.

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