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6 Web Developer Tools and Tips and Tricks

Work Smarter, Not Harder: 6 Web Developer Tools and Tips and Tricks

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What would you do if you had web development tools that did all the work for you?

We ask this because a plethora of them exist that serve various purposes. When searching online, you can find web developer tools for anything, so you’ll never face issues when working on a project.

To help you work smarter and not harder, we’ve put together a list of the top web development tips. These tips revolve around using web developer tools to get things done quicker, so you can spend more time focusing on the core of development.

Here are 6 web developer tools to use on your next project!


jQuery is one of the best web development tools to use when you need to write a lot of JavaScript. Because JavaScript is the programming language of the front-end, jQuery can help you make sites look more appealing while doing little work.

When using jQuery, you can browse through a library of various codes to quickly implement them on your site. Instead of writing everything from scratch, you can make minor tweaks to the codes from the library to achieve desired results.

The ones that’ll benefit the most from jQuery are those that focus solely on front-end development. However, back-end developers can also use it when testing new applications.



Bootstrap is similar to jQuery in that it’s a library, but the main focus of it is to aid developers with web pages. Instead of revolving around 1 language, you can use Bootstrap to get code for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are the main 3 front-end languages.

When using Bootstrap, it’ll be much easier to add things like colors, fonts, and layouts to a site. This will ensure you come across fewer bugs and provide a more consistent framework. You can also integrate it with jQuery to import plugins.

Like most of the best web development tools, Bootstrap has a thriving community that’ll help you at any time. Whenever you look for a guide, you’ll find a plethora of documentation from other developers.

3.Chrome Developer Tools

Some other tools that front-end developers can benefit a lot from are the ones provided by Google. Within Google Chrome, you’ll find a plethora of developer tools that allow you to edit HTML, CSS, and debug JavaScript whenever at any time.

Chrome Developer Tools also allow users to analyze their websites, so you can see if your site is performing well. You can optimize loading flows and learn more about what a browser does when it interacts with different pages on a site.

Google regularly updates the Chrome Developer Tools, so you can expect them to function properly at all times when using them. This will prevent you from having to use another web development tool to finish a task.


When entering the world of web development, you’ll hear many people talk about GitHub. This is a platform you can use to keep track of projects as you complete them. You can upload various files and access them at any time.

One major feature of GitHub is being able to view project history. Whenever you make changes to something, you can revert them at any time. This will help you avoid making mistakes that would otherwise require a lot of work to revert.

If you’re having trouble with something, you can also visit GitHub’s support community. From there, you can post your questions and get answers from other developers within minutes. You can also submit feedback to other users.


Those that want to use as many web developer tips and tricks as possible must use Sass. Out of all the web development tools, this happens to be one of the best if you want to save time when working on a project.

Sass is meant for projects that use CSS. When coding, you can enable various things in your code, such as variables, at the click of a button. This will ensure your code is clean, making organization much easier.

If you already have experience with CSS, you won’t have a hard time adapting to Sass. You’ll just need to familiarize yourself with how to format the style sheets, but they’re similar to traditional CSS.

6.Sublime Text

Code editors are necessary when working on anything, and one of the most popular is Sublime Text. If you know how to inspect element on a site, you already know what it’s like to work with a code editor. 

However, something like inspect element isn’t meant for making permanent changes whereas Sublime Text is. You can quickly navigate to different things using several keyboard shortcuts. It also lets you autocomplete code so you can get through a project as quickly as possible.

If you’re working on an extensive project, you can use multiple cursors to edit things at the same time. This is great when you want to reformat something without having to copy and paste several things.

Start Using These Web Developer Tools Today

Now that you know about several web developer tools, we encourage you to start using them now if you want to offer the best services. Whether you’re a freelancer, employee, or develop as a hobby, these tools will ensure you make the most out of web development.

Consider looking into tools like jQuery and Bootstrap first. Getting a better understanding of how the libraries work will help you determine what other tools you need.

To learn more about web developer tools, check out our other articles!

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