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What are the pros and cons of AWS

What are the pros and cons of AWS?

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Pros of AWS

AWS is considered one of the biggest cloud service providers. Now let us discuss some of the benefits of AWS

  1. Easy to use: If we take the traditional method for developing an application environment we need to set up a server to store and manage data which consumes a lot of money and resources. Now if we want to scale the resources we need to invest more money to scale up. Now if do not want a high amount of resources the money spent on the infrastructure will be wasted

Now if we take AWS, Just with a few clicks we can create a server that scales automatically according to the requirements.

  1. AWS is known as one of the most effective cloud platforms in the market. It is suitable for big organizations for their complex operations. It is suitable for small organizations for their less complex operations.
  2. AWS offers a Pay-as-you-go option for their customers. This means the customers need to pay for the services they have used based on their consumption time.
  3. AWS also offers many features for saving money like AWS cost-management console. This helps determine the cost and also shows us the saving plans. We can also maintain budget plans which give an alert message when we cross our budget.
  4. Security: Security is one of the key features that a cloud service provider needs to provide to the customers. AWS provides many security features like IAM. This will be helpful to control unauthorized users from accessing the resources.
  5. Amazon Web Services provides speed and agility for applications. An application can easily be deployed within minutes via a quick set-up process that allows us to reduce time and cost and speed up efficiency and agility.


  1. AWS is a cloud platform that is completely dependent on the internet. So if there is any issue with the internet there may be trouble faced by the client or customer woodforest bank login .
  2. Some of the tools are higher in price. It may cause a burden to the enterprise-level administration in the long run.
  3. For getting maximum benefits from AWS services we need to have proper knowledge and experience on AWS services.
  4. It should provide an option to auto shut down the resources when the resources are not being used for some amount of time.
  5. Amazon charges for immediate support. They had offered 3 types of support packages:
  6. Developer: $29/month
  7. Business account: $499
  8. Enterprise support: $10,099

So these are some of the Pros and Cons of  AWS.

Conclusion: This blog helps you in understanding the key benefits of AWS.Why do many large companies Netflix depend on AWS for their infrastructure? If you want to know more about AWS visit our AWS Certification course today.

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