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v380 pro; Download V380 software for PC, Windows and Mac.

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v380 pro:- Security is now an important part of every business. Because of these security benefits, surveillance cameras have become an integral part of every business. From a small businessman to a big businessman there is no need to secure his office.

Cams can also be used to monitor workers’ activities in the factory. You will need a dedicated operator to manage the operation of these surveillance cams. Now you can even manage and control the cams on your own.


How to download v380 pro for pc (windows 7, 8, 10)

v380 for pc

With the increasing technology in recent times, it has become much easier to operate these surveillance cameras. There are various applications available in the market for this purpose, through which you can easily control and operate security cameras.

If you are looking for an app that can help you monitor these cameras in terms of your business security, I would like to introduce you to a very good app called v380 pro apk. The app is an Android app. The v380s app is now available for free download on both iOS devices.

In general, the v380 pro apk gives us a live preview of the com on our smartphone. All you have to do is configure the cam with the v380 pro apk app. For this v380s app configuration, you can use anything in this app by entering the IP address of the com you are using.

v380 pro for pc

Once configured in this way, you can now see a live view of the com via thev380 pro apk. We must have an internet connection if we want to watch this live stream. Keep in mind that we can not watch this broadcast without the Internet. This device will not work if it is not connected with WiFi or 3G / 4G internet connection.

What is v380 pro ?

Thev380 pro apk not only provides live streaming of the camera, but also records cam videos as well as saves. These videos can be stored on our internal memory or SD card. Videos saved in this way can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can take screenshots and listen to audio as well. What is another amazing feature of this app is facial recognition.

This feature is notified to users immediately if anything is found in the face video that we have previously identified as suspicious. Yet these v380 pro apk are a pretty great app that can handle multiple coms at once. All you have to do is enter the IP address of this com and connect your smartphone to the internet connection.

Highlights of thev380 pro apk

Here are the key features of the v380 pro apk

Remote monitoring:

In this application you can watch live HD video of IP com remotely. It can deliver HD quality up to 1080p.

Voice talkback:

It also supports voice talkback. Users can communicate two-way, much like a walkie-talkie or an intercom.

Device Sharing:

This app uses users to share a device. That means you two can watch the video together.

Motion detection alarm can also be set:

this com will alert you whenever it detects movement in the video. It also has a human face and motion detector feature.

Video Recording & Playback Opportunity:

This camera can record all live videos. Apart from the playback feature, users will be able to watch any of the com’s previous videos.

Cloud storage:

This app stores its own cloud storage services. But this service is only for premium customers. You have to buy it every year with some monthly money.

In this age of the internet, v380 pro apk are available to us for free download on Android devices. We will tell you in great detail how you can download and install v380 pro apk. At the beginning of the process, there is no way you can even get this app on your PC.

But we can now use the v380s app with the help of Android Emulators. You can easily use v380 pro apk on PC with these android Emulators. Follow these steps on how to downloadv380 pro apk for Windows and Mac operating systems running on PC. 

Learn how to download V380s for PC, Laptop (Windows & Mac) by following these steps.

  • As before you need to download Android Emulators on your Windows and Mac devices. (Download Bluestock)
  • You need to have it installed on your PC in the same way you would install any other software.
  • After installing Bluestocks, you will see an icon on your PC’s desktop. It can be opened by clicking on the double click icon to open Bluestocks.

(Important Note): If you want to use V380s for a PC, you must first enable unknown sources in the emulator. To do this, you need to go to Settings ,Security, Enable Unknown Sources.

  • Download the v380 pro apk APK file now through the download link provided to you as before.
  • It can then be opened by double-clicking on the downloaded file. It opens automatically as Bluestacks itself.
  • On the Bluestocks homepage, you can see the option called My APPS. Click on this option. Here you will findv380 pro apk. double Click on the icon to use V380s on PC

v380s pro

That’s all. Now you can enjoy the  V380s for PC on both Windows and Mac OS.

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