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We always want the best Android applications in our app drawer, but getting them is difficult because we have to try each app by using it, which is a moment process.How about not looking into any app and yet being able to select the Best Android Apps for your needs? As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best free Android applications to download in 2021.



Many of the applications on our list have been thoroughly reviewed to help the mission go more smoothly.

1.Rainbow KWGT:

Rainbow provides just what it seems to be. It includes a variety of colourfully themed clock widgets, as well as scan and climate widgets. This isn’t the end of the storey. In addition to customising the pre-made themes, the app also helps you to draw out your ideas. The software includes 40+ custom-made widgets as well as 10+ wallpapers to complement the backdrop. It’s no wonder that this is one of the best free KWGT widgets around, with some of the Finest KWGT Environment Widgets.


GBWhatsApp 2021, abbreviated as GB WA, is one of the most heavily edited iterations of Official WhatsApp. Although we all know, WhatsApp is a popular messaging application that makes use of our internet data to allow users to share free texts, audio, and video calls. However, there are certain drawbacks. WhatsApp is restrictive in terms of functionality, which is why we have GBWhatsApp as an option.


If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, than this application is for you. Desygner has a library of over a million layouts that you can customise layer by layer to make it exactly as you like it. One of the best features of this software is that you’ll have royalty-free photos, fonts, and icons in your posts. It’s a fantastic visual communication app that allows you to create posts straight from your mobile, and you don’t need to master any advanced apps to do so.

4.Foxbit Icons:

Foxbit is a flexible and one of the best Android configuration applications. More than 1500 icons, 40+ wallpapers, and a customizable calendar are included in the game, which is consistent with almost all launchers. You’ll find cartoonish style icons in various flat-styled icons that are filled with vibrant colours. The symbol has distinctive shapes that are combined with various colour textures, making this app stand out from the crowd. Your interface has a childlike appearance thanks to the bright icons, subtle shadow, and high-quality design. However, it is this pure and simplistic appearance that distinguishes it from other Android icon packages and themes.

5.One Swipe Notes:

If you enjoy writing reports on the go, One Swipe Notes is the app for you. This is a gesture-based note-taking tool that you can use without leaving the app you’re already using. It’s especially useful for someone like me who does a lot of app testing and needs to keep track of the applications I’ve already tried. You can adjust the gesture region according to your preferences from the settings menu; this is a premium version.

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This is perhaps the most latest Android app that we’ve chosen to feature, and it’s updated every several weeks Our picks are normally brand new apps or devices that have recently seen a major update, but we can also highlight hidden gems and other essentials.

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