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The Grass Is Greener: Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Busy Homeowners

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If there’s one area of the home that’s been expanding in the past few decades, it’s the backyard. Research shows that the average U.S. lawn hovers at around 10,871 square feet, though you’ll see a lot of variation from state to state!

Of course, if your yard is far smaller than this average—or if the past year’s COVID lockdowns have made you wish for a little more outdoor space—you might be wondering how to make the most of your yard.

Fortunately, a few simple small backyard landscaping ideas can help you maximize the room available to you while creating a stunning living space you’ll love to step into. Here’s how to make the most of your outdoor space.


Add Some Layers

If you don’t have a ton of room in your yard, go vertical! Layering is one of the most popular backyard landscaping ideas—and for good reason. All you’ll need is the right plants.

Grab low ground cover, medium-height flowers and shrubs, and taller trees and bushes to add a beautiful layered effect while maximizing your space. Don’t forget to incorporate your walls and fences, which can act as lattices for vining plants.

Let It All Hang Out

Whether you hang planters from your roof eaves or from a nearby tree, try adding some overhead plants to your garden! Hanging ferns are a great option that can add a touch of green to your yard, but most plants can get used to a hanging planter with a little experimentation.

Catch the Eye

Creating a focal point within a small space can be a great way to make a tight area seem more like a cozy courtyard. A stone planter, an ornamental tree, or a simple statue can act as a great centerpiece, with the rest of your landscaping orbiting around it.

Light It Up

It’s easy to forget what a huge effect lighting has on the overall look of your yard. Whether you string lights across the space or add spot-lighting to statement pieces, the lights you choose can make a major difference. Make sure to grab options with a low profile to avoid taking up unnecessary space.

Section Things Off

If you’re trying to create landscaping for a multi-use yard, try adding small hedges, lattices, or low fences to separate each area. This allows you to create a space for your garden, a lounge or dining area, a patch of grass for the kids, or anything else you’d like to add to your yard.

Neaten Up

One last note: with a small backyard, it’s harder to hide overgrown plants and scraggly weeds. In other words, you’ll want to make sure to put some extra effort into keeping things neat! Grab your weed trimmers, pruning shears, and backpack leaf blowers and tidy up your landscaping on a regular basis.

Give These Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas a Shot

Though every homeowner’s taste is different, you can’t go wrong with the small backyard landscaping ideas above. Whether you’re hoping to add extra greenery or divide your space according to its usage, the right strategies will help you maximize your yard in no time. Do your research, grab your yard tools, and get started today!

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