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Termites: How Do They Damage Your Homes?

by Alsion Lurie

The process of identifying termite types, locating nests, and choosing the best removal methods is known as termite control. In termite-infested areas, it is essential to use a mix of standard and advanced inspection techniques. There are many service providers for Shellharbour termite control in Australia, and they suggest that Australian homes with treated or resistant timber install both chemical and physical barriers to help reduce potential infestations.


Termites: How Do They Damage Your Homes?

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Do not disturb the affected area if you discover live termites or damaged timbers. It’s also not a good idea to use termiticides or sprays to get rid of them. If termites are sufficiently disturbed, they can usually relocate and will not be discovered again until more apparent damage has been done. Some of the damages done are:

Furniture, carpets, and clothing damage: Termites will wreak havoc on furniture, clothes, and rugs. This will result in unnecessary costs, most of which are associated with repairs and replacements.

Can cause allergic reactions: People may develop allergies from termites. They can transport allergens that can cause respiratory problems in people.

Property and structure damage: Termite damage will cost thousands of dollars to fix in Australia. Termites prefer to eat wood and its byproducts, such as paper. If not handled properly after successfully burrowing woods, they can bring the house down or even kill structures.

A decrease in resale value: Most people are unaware that termites can cause their homes to sell at a low price. Buyers would either walk away or pay thousands less if termites or the harm they have caused are found during a building and pest inspection.

The following are some of the things that make termites feel at home:

  • Untreated wood, such as piles, old stumps, sleepers, and logs, is often attractive to termites.
  • Termites are drawn to water sources, so seal up any potential sinks, toilets, pipes, and drains.
  • Termites thrive in humid environments, so improve your home’s air quality by ventilating rooms.
  • Daily checks should be performed at least once a year.

Termites have no concept of seasons. They’ll keep attacking as long as the conditions are favourable. Every year, if not regulated, these tiny creatures can destroy property or homes. This is why termite control is essential all year. The only way to defend yourself and your belongings is to prevent them from damaging them. For that, the best best way is to contact a service provider for termite control in Shellharbour.

Termite management allows homeowners to live safely while still protecting their land. On the other hand, a regularly inspected house can sell for a higher price when leasing or selling a home than one that has not been inspected in years. Termite checks should also be performed to protect properties from damage. They can maintain and ensure that no termite has space to ruin property in new homes. This will only be effective if you recognize the devastation that these tiny creatures cause.


Overall, it can be stated that using various methods and techniques to deter termites can help to reduce or eliminate the threat that they pose. If you use chemical products or physical processes, you should reduce and eliminate the issue as early as possible.

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