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How to do the famous  picrew TikTok trend in 2021  Create your own cartoon. 

by Alsion Lurie

picrew:-  TikTok Challenge: What is Hype? TikTok is a platform that everyone likes and enjoys. We like all platforms on social media, not just TikTok. I can say that social media has changed the way we see things and the way we interact with each other.

With such a wide range of social media platforms, and everyone is a creator, it is very important for each creator to have the originality of the content. Although TikTok is banned regardless of age in many countries, India is also on the list. To be honest, who doesn’t like watching TikTok especially its challenges. 

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TikTok: Here’s how to join the famous Picrew trend – make your avatar.

TikTok is considered a place full of trends and new challenges. It’s like giving someone a viral challenge, and you can lead this challenge. In addition to having many challenges to do, encounter, and become famous, we can try to do the Micro trend. It is said that this trend is suitable for people of all ages. I said before that age does not matter, and the challenge correctly proves this sentence. So let’s take a look at what this picrew challenge is and how it works. If you want to learn more, please stick to the end of the post.

What is the TikTok  picrew trend? 

When I first heard the name, like most people and all of you, I also thought it was a strange Greek challenge that we could do with our friends or others. To be honest, it all comes down to the name, especially in most TikTok challenges, whether it’s a hand challenge or whatever. But in the context of this challenge, the name doesn’t say it all. Employee challenges are not as common as other challenges we have seen in the past.

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picrew tends to play avatars. In this trend, people mainly use a popular website called picrew to create their avatars. After making their avatars, those avatars were made TikTok. Since this is a slightly old trend, it is obvious that you have all created your own characters from a popular website called picrew. You already know this trend. In fact, the trend is to have your own avatar. After creating an avatar, you publish it to TikTok.

After doing this, you will compare the avatar you created with how you think of yourself and how your friends think of you. In short, the trend is to actually create an avatar, then tell your friends or others to make another avatar on your avatar and tell them how they see you.

How to make a video TikTok picrew trend. 

We have discussed creating an avatar and how to proceed after creating an avatar. But now, let’s talk about how to make a video. Under this trend, when making videos, you must combine the two roles you have, that is, the roles your friends play so that you can describe their views of you and the role you play for yourself. yourself. 

After adding the video, you will get their short video. After posting the video, you should wait for comments received from followers. The main feature of this trend is that you can see how your friends think of you and whether it matches the avatar you created. In other words, you can see how your friends think about you and what are the differences or similarities between the avatars your friends made. 

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So if you like the idea of ​​having your own custom avatar, I can say that the popular picture trend is for you. Speaking of trends, it became famous overnight. You must use picrew in all employee videos you make. This hashtag has been viewed 100.6 million times. And the amount of calculation is not fixed, but constantly increasing.

How to carry out the TikTok challenge?

 In most of the TikTok videos related to the Micro Challenge, we can see that the creator has used the functions provided in the application. I can tell you that the picrew Challenge is much more than that. To start the entire process of creating this video, you must first log in to the picrew website. 

Although the style and language of the website are Japanese, don’t worry, because it is very easy to create an avatar for yourself. The only thing that allows you to easily access the site is that you can switch the language to English very easily. After going to the section where you created the avatar, select the “Girl Maker” option or another “OC Maker” option. Of all the available options, these two options are the most popular options you can use to create your own avatar. 

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After selecting the available options, you will have more options to customize the avatar according to your preferences. In your avatar, you can choose the shape of your eyes, skin color, hairstyle, clothes, and other options you like. Once you have selected different things for your avatar and created your avatar, you need to click on the green button, which will be marked. After that, your avatar can be used. 

To use Avatar, you need to take a screenshot of the Avatar and place it in your TikTok video at will. If you need any additional help in creating an avatar, you can watch a video made by a famous ticker maker named Dud head. In this video, it is clearly explained how to browse the website easily. But in this tutorial, you will find that the employee avatars above are made for couples, not just what you need or need to use. In most picture videos, creators represent avatars created by their friends.

What is the new TikTok picrew Avatar trend? 

Stay online and view the work of all your friends? No, they are not artists all of a sudden, nor will they spend some money to attract people to post online. This is a new online trend of picrew. me, where you can refer to yourself through templates created by artists. If you’ve been online recently, you’ll see your friends make funny icons for themselves. There are many different styles, different backgrounds, and options to choose from, but the question is: 

why? For people like me, it comes from a place where there is no artistic ability, and I can still create something like myself. You can even give him some pets. All I want to do is give a pet to a dog or a kitten, so sometimes, I give him a pet. One of them I can’t draw. Stick figures can also be a bit difficult, so the template is made here, can I basically create what I want? Fantastic scene. 

How To Use Picrew me On TikTok (Picrew TikTok Trend) - YouTube

 Obviously, I am losing my work clothes and tartan because many of me include them, but I also like to make them and create new clothes, because now, we are not going anywhere, so we don’t wear clothes. . Is that why I like to do this? Many artists share their photos online and then share them on Twitter so other people can create their own photos. The three artists I used for the featured images are amazing artists. 

They posted their work elsewhere and brought each artist to the photo website at the same time! (One of the polka shown above created a Bibi bap piece on the left, a Bibi map piece in the middle, and a patisserie on the right.) They are non-binary Mexican artists and they create very detailed works, usually Landscape paintings and interesting versions (especially related to their picture pages). You can see his work here. 

Finally a few words about picrew

Finally, my artistic dreams can be realized, and I can pretend to be attracted to them (but I thank all the artists who have helped me) picrew. It is always interesting because you can share your thoughts about yourself and people can see a steady stream of new templates. Many artists on this site put their templates online, and people like me and my friends can create their avatars. For whatever reason, my friends are busy making and shipping them.

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