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How often should you paint your house season-wise

How often should you paint your house season-wise?

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Painting or renovating your home is a big investment. One must look at signs and then only decide to paint the home. You also need to consider, if you need to paint the exterior or the interior walls, or just the ceiling. It is understandable that the exterior walls are much exposed and need to be painted more often than the interior walls.

How often should you paint your house season-wise?

One thing that most homeowners forget is to consider the right time and the right season to paint your house. Seasonal weather conditions are a crucial factor to decide how often you should paint your house.

Let us take a look

  • Summer

The summer season is great to paint the exterior walls of the home. The paint dries quickly. It reduces time and effort. However, it is advisable to just paint the interiors of your home during the summer, as it might be cooler. In many parts of India, there is humidity and scorching dry weather which makes painting the roof and the exterior of the house impossible.

  • Monsoon

Monsoon is the worst time to do a painting of both the exterior and interior walls of your home. The wall color gets faded due to rains unless you have supreme quality water-resistant and oil-based paint. The moisture can also leave patches on the wall. The rains also make it difficult to dry. It is the rule of thumb that during the monsoon, the best thing you can do is protect the walls of your home through waterproofing. The roof and ceiling should be waterproofed to avoid moisture and dampness seeping in.

Take a look at how these waterproofing solutions can protect your walls for over five years.

  • Autumn

Only a few cities in India get to experience the autumn season. It is quite an ideal season to paint your homes. It is neither too hot, cold, or humid. Every corner of your home can be painted easily. Lack of moisture in the air allows the paint to dry quickly. Also, it is just a few months before the new year countdown begins, making it the perfect time and reason to paint your home.

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  • Winter

The winter season is also great to paint the exterior walls of your home due to the lack of heat and moisture in the air which leads to the painting peeling off. However, many cities in India experience snowfall or the cold wave, which makes it difficult to paint the exterior walls. Otherwise, it is a pleasant season to carry out the home painting. However, the interior wall temperature can be a concern as it can be warmer or colder. Hence, it is advisable to check the interior wall surface temperature before painting


Seasons play a huge role in deciding the longevity of your wall paints. But, other than considering the seasonal factor, one should also check the quality of paints. This means hiring the right professionals who know the difference between latex and oil-based paints to make sure they last for about 10 years on the walls.

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