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How glass products improve the elegance of buildings

by Alsion Lurie

From the earlier times of construction, the addition of elements that improve the elegance of the buildings is typical. Many materials are used for this purpose, and also some of these have some functional values. Among these, glass products are the most common choice due to various advantages. Different types of glass products are available extensively to improve the appearance of the buildings. In the contemporary world, glass products like decorative glass are used for various purposes. Not only decorative purposes, but many other objectives are there for the glass products, and all of these are suitable for making the building stand out. Due to the various design and use features of the glass, designers use many types of glass. 

The advantages of glass 

Unlike many other materials, glass has several advantages. Some of which are,

  • Glass is of several types and designs. This feature is the most significant in the use of glass. A wide range of colours, hardness, thickness, etc., makes it unique from other materials. 
  • Ease of availability is another factor of extensive use of glass products. It is available widely in any market, and supply is almost unlimited. The availability of different manufacturers and suppliers help the user to get it at a reasonable price.
  • Numerous design options are available with glass. It can mould into different shapes, and various types of artworks can be made on the surface of the glass. No other materials give this much flexibility for designers.
  • Multipurposability is a tremendous advantage of glass products. The glass can transmit light without any restrictions, and thus using glass as walls or windows will help in the lighting. It can also be used to make separations in the same room. Such partitions with glass are easy to replace and redesign.
  • Fast installation of glass walls is an advantage. Unlike the brick walls, these can quickly be installed with skilled workers.
  • The use case of these glass products is numerous. This wide range of use like stairs, railings, windows, doors, walls, etc., is more advantageous than any other materials.

Types of glasses used in buildings and their uses

  • Toughened glass: Toughened glass is a widely used product due to its better stress resistance. They can be used for various applications like doors, floor, windows, etc. This glass type can handle more impact force than regular annealed glass.
  • Decorative glass: Due to the higher use of glass, it has become easy to decorate the building. Using various techniques, the manufacturers started producing several glasses with different properties.  A decorative glass may include different patterns, etching, and reflective mirrors. The glasses with patterns and frosted designs are suitable for partitions in offices and bathrooms. The reflective mirror glasses are used in commercial spaces for making the place look more spacious. Along with these, there are several use cases for these glass types.
  • High-Performance glasses: These are now actively getting into the designs of many buildings. The advantage of high-performance glass is that it can lower energy usage inside the building. It is done by restricting the heat from outside in summer and limiting the heat escape in the winter. This process highly reduces the dependency on air conditioning systems and electricity costs. Also, many of these glasses come with specialised coatings. These coatings can reduce the effect of light in internal areas and furniture in a building.
  • Laminated glass: It is one of the most rigid glass types available in the market. They are used for higher rigidity needs like stairways, glass floorings, etc. The ability of these glasses to bear a lot of loads makes them suitable for all these purposes.

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