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Do all electric skateboards have a remote

Do all electric skateboards have a remote?

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 If you want to ride safely, a high-quality remote control is essential. That said, sometimes we forget where we left them or accidentally fall and destroy them. From time to time, you may want to change things to suit your riding needs.


How does the remote control work?

Your remote control is a small computer. It measures your throttle position and the signal is sent to your Electronic Speed   Controller (ESC). Depending on the ESC configuration, the more you move the throttle back and forth, the faster it will accelerate and the less likely it will be to brake.

Of course, without a receiver, the remote control wouldn’t help at all. The receiver is either built into the ESC or is another replaceable module. We’ll talk more about this later.

Which ESC can I use?

This is a kind of chicken egg. Which comes first, ESC or remote? If you already have a working board, you have already made a decision as to which ESC you can use.

 At the time of this writing, there is no widely available way to use the remote control with ESC.

The best electric skateboard remote

Whit pack

Hoyt Puck is one of the industry’s leading remotes if you have a VESC. It features an intelligent receiver that channel hops the remote to connect to the least congested frequency, reducing the risk of riding in a congested high signal area. Its ergonomics are a bit controversial. Some people like it, others don’t.

VX1 remote

The VX1 is reasonably priced, but it’s a very attractive option if you have a VESC. It’s pretty small and doesn’t have a deadman switch, but it’s similar to a Boosted remote.

VX2Pro remote

VX2 has a screen that displays telemetry. In the setup, you can enter the gear ratio to accurately display the speed and track the miles. It also has a cruise control mode to keep your thumbs from getting tired.

How do I pair an electric skateboard remote control?

First, let’s understand what kind of ESC you have. For DIY, you probably already know this, but if you bought a pre-made board, contact the manufacturer to see what ESC is on the board. Hobbywing, LingYi, and VESC are the main types.

Electric skateboard with remote control turned on, press the pair button on the remote control.

How can I replace the remote control?

 If your VESC has a built-in remote control like Boundmotor’s VESC, you will need to purchase the remote control directly from the manufacturer.

Where to get a replacement remote control

The most reliable location is the manufacturer’s website.

If you’re making a DIY board, or if you’re exchanging stock ESCs for VESC, DIY forums are a place for people to find the best remotes to recommend buying remotes, often used. You can buy a VESC base. Remote at a very competitive price.

How much is a remote control skateboard?

 If you have an Evolve, each remote costs $ 150 and there is no third-party alternative. Replacing a boosted remote can cost between $ 100 and $ 300 in some cases.


The remote control is an important part of the board that should not be overlooked. It’s just as important as a full helmet, a well-made battery, and a high-quality truck. ESC determines the types of remote options available, the pairing method, and the number of replacement remotes.

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