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Best Silk Bedding to Keep You Cool this Summer and Make You Feel like Royalty

Best Silk Bedding to Keep You Cool this Summer and Make You Feel like Royalty

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Silk is one of the most important, elegant, and royal fabrics of all time. Having silk clothes and wearing silk garments was a sign of royalty and prestige in the bygone era. Even in the current generation, silk still holds its value as one of the most artistic and expensive fabrics that oozes luxury and style.


Best Silk Bedding to Keep You Cool this Summer and Make You Feel like Royalty

Silk is widely used for attires and costumes but silk has also been adapted into home furnishings such as silk curtains, silk double bed sheets, silk pillowcases, silk art embellishments, and other decor items. Silk cushions are now used in couches and beds to bring out luxury and royalty in most homes.

Silk has an exemplary feel and is very kind to the skin, making it one of the best options to use for garments and beddings, as these are in contact with the skin the most times.

Silk Beddings and Furnishings

Silk has always traditionally been used to make royal sarees, lehengas, gowns, and many other traditional attires for royalty everywhere in the world. Silk is now widely used to make other things as well such as upholstery, beddings, covers, drapes, and many other such home furnishings.

Silk bedding is highly preferred in the market these days because, unlike cotton, silk has many properties which are very skin-friendly and makes it an excellent sleeping companion.

Silk double bed sheets, silk pillowcases, silk cushion covers, silk drapes, silk duvet covers, etc are the new luxurious additions that one can add to elevate their style and comfort quotient in the bedrooms. To take it one step forward, there are silk bed covers, silk drapes, and Venetian blinds that can add glamour and glitz to the house as well.

Benefits of Silk as a Bedsheet

Silk is an ultra-soft fabric that is obtained from the silkworm. Silk is harvested from many traders and from across the world. India is a large silk producer and has one of the finest quality silks in the world. South Indian Silk is notably more refined and softer. Because of these reasons, silk is now a preferred fabric not just for attires but also for bedding.

Besides this, silk has some exemplary qualities which make it great for bedding such as:


The first important quality of silk against cotton is the fact that silk does not induce static when rubbed against the skin. This is extremely good for the skin as cotton can create static when rubbed against the skin.

Does not create Frizz

Silk bedding and pillow covers are exceptionally great for hair as it does not tangle them, does not make it frizzy and keeps the hair silky and tangle-free due to its soft exterior.

Soft on Skin

The fabric itself is so soft on the skin that it is scientifically proven that it does not attract any oil from the skin and therefore helps in combating acne and pimples. Cotton beddings need to be changed often to prevent acne and breakouts on the skin as they absorb the oil secreted from the skin overnight.


Silk is a hypoallergenic fabric meaning that it does not induce any allergies to those with sensitive skin. It is completely safe on any kind of skin and requires no additional wash care.

Breathable and Light

Silk is extremely light and is a breathable fabric, therefore keeping it cold in the summer and warm in the winter. It is much lighter than cotton.

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