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4 Cosmetic Injectables Popular in Australia for 2021

4 Cosmetic Injectables Popular in Australia for 2021

by Alsion Lurie

Aussies are big fans of cosmetic surgeries and procedures. The Land Down Under is among the top 10 countries in the world to spend the most on cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

In 2017, Australia set its record for reaching the billion-dollar mark on money spent on cosmetic surgeries and procedures.


4 Cosmetic Injectables Popular in Australia for 2021

In number, more than 200,000 Aussies have undergone different cosmetic procedures and surgeries. Many of them are aged 40 and above. One of the most popular procedures is cosmetic injectables.

In Brisbane alone, the number of people who undergo cosmetic injectables in Brisbane style has contributed hugely to the total number of Aussies who pay for cosmetic enhancements. This trend also did not go down and remained stable even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those planning to rejuvenate their beauty in 2021, here are the top four most popular cosmetic injectables or treatments in Australia for women aged 40 and over.

Neck Lift Treatment

This type of cosmetic injectable helps stimulate collagen and oil production in the skin. But, unfortunately, women who are going through menopause lose their estrogen level by almost a hundred per cent. It means that their skin’s elasticity and natural moisture depletes badly. That is why deep-set wrinkles are exacerbated, especially in the neck area.

As women age, the fat that was equally distributed in their facial area also loses volume. Thus, the neck lift treatment is the best solution for this. In addition, this treatment is an effective and non-invasive procedure to reverse the aging effects of menopause.

Cosmetic doctors apply multiple injections, especially in the heavily wrinkled area of the neck to the lower jawline. It effectively removes any signs of wrinkles and provides an upward-lifting effect around the neck and jaw areas. This type of cosmetic injectables in Brisbane has been available. The treatment usually lasts for four months.

Hand Filler Treatment

The signs of aging are most noticeable in the hands, but it is also the most overlooked part of the body. It is usually manifested by losing the skin’s elasticity as the fat underneath the skin degenerates.

The hand filler treatment uses hyaluronic acid as a dermal filler to regenerate the lost volume on the skin. This type of treatment also decreases the appearance of tendons, bony structures, and veins around the hand, restoring the youthful appearance of the hands. This type of injectable treatment also lasts for a year.

Corner of The Mouth Filler

Signs of aging are also obvious around the mouth area, particularly on the corner of the lips to the lower jaw. In addition, it creates a distorted angular view that is very noticeable for women aged 40 and above.

A dermal mouth filler or injectable that softens the fine lines. It also helps regenerate the lost volume to achieve a more contoured mouth and lower jaw. Ultimately, it helps lift the sides of the corner of the mouth, which makes a happier resting face.

Upper Face Botox

The forehead area is often the most common place where wrinkles and signs of aging appear. To remove these signs of aging, women above 40 often resort to upper face Botox.

Upper face Botox treatment removes wrinkles, relaxes muscles around the forehead, and rejuvenates the skin’s elasticity to achieve that younger look.

Women these days have far more treatment options to battle the signs of aging. One of the most popular and most effective is the cosmetic injectables that are widely available.

Women can quickly achieve their desired results to make them ultimately younger. In addition, any of these cosmetic injectables provide unique and effective benefits. But before availing of any of these procedures, it would be best to consult a physician first.

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