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10 Steps To Become An Outstanding Java Developer

10 Steps To Become An Outstanding Java Developer

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In the current decade, numerous programming languages are available for various purposes. However, when it comes to learning programming languages, C and C++ are the most suitable programming languages. Among all the programming languages, Java is the most preferred and one of the commonly used ones. And to learn Java, you should pursue a Java certification training course.

Java is a versatile, light, and fast programming language used to design customized applications and various other purposes. As a result, Java has become the #1 programming language used by tech giants like Microsoft and Google.

Being a Java developer in this era seems lucrative and highly rewarding. Subsequently, here is our 10-steps guide to becoming an exceptional java developer.


Understand The Java Virtual Machine

As mentioned above, Java is the #1 programming language; it’s good to have deep knowledge about the Java ecosystem. You should learn everything about the JVM machine’s components, garbage collections, JVM option, JIT, and how the JVM machine works. By doing this, you’ll understand everything about the working procedure of the Java applications. Once you learn about the JVM machine, you’ll have a thorough background and technical knowledge for developing efficient and powerful Java applications.

You should also know about Java app re-audit, in which Java components consume more resources, features decrease the overall performance, and objects eat the most CPU.

GOF Patterns

If you’re interested in developing Java applications, you have to learn about different design patterns, evaluate problems, and find solutions for them. The more you know about the various design patterns and incorporate them in codes, the more flexible and scalable your Java applications are. Understanding everything about the GOF patterns will improve your curating codes and documentations.

While pursuing the Java certification training course, you’ll be trained to focus more on the codes. However, apart from codes, be a little general and creative, and don’t forget to use the Java 8 features like Streams and Lambdas for rewriting different patterns.

Write Good Codes By Learning Java API And Library

If you want to write the perfect Java codes, you need to learn everything about the Java libraries. When you know about the Java libraries, you’ll come across different easiest ways for writing codes. You can learn endless things through these Java libraries. There are nearly 20 APIs and various types of libraries used while writing the Java codes. By adopting this code writing way, your coding skills will improve significantly.  

Learning JDK 8 to JDK 14 Will Be Helpful

Very recently, Java 14 was introduced by the Oracle Corporation, but only a few developers are using this version. If you pursue the Java certification training course, you’ll be trained to use Java 14.

As you would have noticed, there are always new versions and updates on Java every six months, so it becomes challenging for the developers to follow the latest trends.

There are still many Java programmers who still cannot write the Java feature code like Stream API. This happens because they don’t acquire updated knowledge and unfollow the latest trends.

However, pursuing knowledge at some point in life becomes difficult, especially in the 30s and 40s. As the Java developers’ community is highly competitive, you’ll be behind in the race if you don’t follow the latest trends and acquire updated knowledge.

As a result, pursue the Java certification training course and learn JDK 8 to JDK 14 quickly.

Learning Spring Boot Is Mandatory

Learning the spring boot is a must for the Java developers, seeing the current market. Nowadays, companies develop applications using Spring Clouder, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Rest APIs microservices. By learning about the Spring framework, you’ll understand dependency injection that allows you to test modern Java applications easily.

If you’re interested in learning Java, you should pursue the Java certification training course to understand the basics of this framework, Spring Cloud, and Spring Boot to develop advanced Java applications.

Microservice and Cloud

As each year passes, some changes in the system’s architecture. In the previous decade, most applications were based on monolithic architecture. This architecture comprises Service, Controller, and Repository. As a result, the modules have a significant dependency, which further restricts the scalability.

People are shifting from monolithic applications to microservice architecture (independent molecules) in the current decade. By using the microservice architecture, the dependency on the molecules is low. If you pursue the Java certification training course, you’ll learn everything about the cloud and microservice.

Learn The Best Coding Practices And Design Pattern

The majority of frameworks developers use are based on design patterns. The design pattern makes the frameworks scalable and flexible without breaking the codes. By learning about the design pattern, you can write the codes efficiently.

As of now, nearly 25 different versions of design patterns are available. Each design pattern has its own set of purposes for improving the functionality without excluding the older codes and writing the new ones.

Master The Refactoring Technique

For improving the codes and making them easier to read, upgrade, and maintain, you need to master the refactoring technique. Refactoring comprises a set of techniques used to ease the complexity and break the variables and classes into smaller objects to ensure the functions work appropriately. As of now, nearly 20 techniques are available for rewriting new and existing codes to make them easy to understand.

Acquire The Knowledge Of DevOps

Modern Java programmers should acquire DevOps knowledge to write the best possible codes. The programmers have to learn the tools and techniques for product deployment automation. Furthermore, the technologies that Java programmers need to know are Jenkins, K8s, Docker, and Ansible.

Testing Skill Is Also Important

Testing, especially automation, integration, and unit, is an essential skill that programmers should learn. At least, the Java developers should learn Mockito and Junit, the most famous mock libraries. If you have good knowledge about these libraries and know how to use them efficiently, you would be an industry-ready Java developer.

For advanced libraries, you have the options of Robot Framework and Cucumber for integration testing. But you can replace Junit, as there is no alternative to it.

Coming to the mocking library, you have the options of EasyMock, PowerMock, and Mockito. As per the Java certification training course, you should learn Mockito because this is a well-comprehensive library and the majority of Java programmers and companies also prefer this library. Furthermore, Mockito has become the most preferred and commonly used for developing mock objects in Java.

Final Thoughts

Acquiring programming skills and becoming an outstanding Java developer isn’t possible overnight. As a result, you should have general and technical knowledge of Java to become an industry-ready Java developer. If you have a deep interest in Java, you must stay on the learning path. Things change rapidly in the programming industry, and you need to keep following the latest trends.

On the other hand, while learning how to write codes, you’ll need to overcome some challenges. Don’t stay in a rush while learning about writing codes for accomplishing your Java learning goals.

Pursue the Java certification training course and learn everything about Java. 

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