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cirkul : Customize your flavor, drink more than water. Try it free 2021.

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cirkul:- I really came to update my review and found that it has never been published! So I will post the original comment. But I’ll add an update for you at the end. Finally, I have a cirkul too! So I told my friend about it three or four weeks ago.


cirkul Review  and Customize the Intensity of Your Flavored Water. 

He completely hijacked my idea and ordered a starter kit for himself with our trust. Since I only allow one kit per family in my circle, I need to wait. I’m glad you ordered it first, because I’m drinking more water than you like, so I’m happy. 

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So what is this cirkul?

cirkul innovative bottle allows you to taste water by mouth. From plain water to drinking your favorite new drink, the taste goes back to plain water when the dial changes.

When a capsule is inserted into the top of a round bottle, water flows from the inclined bottle into it through the cap, giving the customer a lot of delicious water. So fill this bottle with water and insert the flavor capsule into the cap then turn on the screw and rotate the dial to suit your taste.

The cirkul is a bottle that can change not only the way you drink water but also the whole process of keeping you hydrated because you can customize the taste of the water you drink for the first time! cirkul uses flavor pellets and cirkul sips are used to add flavor and nutrition to water. When a capsule is inserted into the top of the round bottle, water from the inclined bottle flows through the cap, giving the customer a delicious taste.

So how does this cirkul work?

When a capsule is inserted into the top of the round bottle, water flows through the cap from the tilted bottle, giving the customer a delicious taste. Fill the bottle with water, insert the flavor capsule into the cap, tighten and change the dial to taste. The one-way valve allows the user to change the taste level without completely cleaning the taste.

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From simple to full taste, a mouth can adjust its perfect taste! Using the patented fragrance bottle and ink cartridge system, you can choose one of our natural, refreshing fragrances. You can determine your exact taste preference. We have specially designed our capsules so that their taste does not leak and the water in your bottle is clean.

That means no mess, residue, and less cleaning. Choose your taste intensity by rotating the capsule head between plain water and full flavor settings. You can choose from Life Ship (flavors high in essential B vitamins), Fitzip (flavors with electrolytes), and Gossip (flavors with caffeine).

Generally, the cirkul FAQs and Responses, see here.

How to enjoy:

Rinse the round bottle with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Fill the bottle with drinking water and replace the cap. Open the spice box and insert it into the lid opening and rotate it clockwise. Check the flavor box to adjust the flavor up or down. A good starting point is 3 hours in Jade. Open the lid, bend the bottle and drink the water from the bottle. If you want more taste, please change the dial to a larger number. If you want less taste, change the dial to a smaller number.

How many refills

Round flavor cartridge How much water you taste depends on your preferred settings. The lower the setting, the greater the taste. However, with approximately 4 settings, you can get 6 bottles of flavored water in 22-ounce bottles. If you set the dial between 2 and 3, you get 7 to fill 8. If you dial 8 or 9 for a drink, it will significantly reduce the remaining flavor in your sip. Therefore, dial slowly and test.

Using a sip

How fast is it? If you are going to change the sip combination, but it is still delicious and you want to save it later, do not worry! cirkul Sip sells Safe, which provides a convenient way to stay safe and clean when changing zippers on the go. The zip safe features high-quality BPA-free plastic and dual magnetic locking clips that can be opened for hand washing.

See it at https://drinkcirkul.com/products on the product page. You can also store the open mouth in a plastic bag or container. Refrigeration is not required, but if you want, you can put a small opening in the refrigerator. SIP recommends within 10 days of opening. If you have questions, please let us know.

Bottle Ice

If you want ice water, you can definitely put ice in your bottle. We do not recommend keeping any bottles or nipples in the refrigerator, it will cool them!

Unlike water.

 The cirkul is designed for use with plain still water. If desired, you can add soda water to the bottle. However, like other liquids, we recommend that you do not mix them well with the flavoring mixture.


cirkul wants to provide healthy and safe ingredients. All you can do is click on the flower bag and find a complete list of ingredients and nutrition on your product page. On the product page of Drinkcirkul.com, select the “Nutrition Information and Ingredients” cirkul. Shipping is divided into six different categories: Lips contain vitamin B in their diet. Caffeine contains caffeine in wounds.


The round bottle is made of high-quality 100% BPA-free and brittle plastic and is considered number one. ° 7. cirkul bottles use Triton blind plastic that does not contain BPA and BPS. Triton is not made with BPS or any other cirkul A compound, which is a chemical analog of BPA.

Tampa Bay Inno - Meet Cirkul, the Tampa-based innovative water bottle that  just raised $6.6M


 Round flavor cells are made with recyclable materials. Check with your local authorities for information on bicycle regulations. You can visit www.DrinkCirkul.com/Recycling for step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble the zipper in the box on the right. Bottled drinks: shipment weight reduced by 98.8%, shipment volume reduced by 99.6%. With this in mind, a truck with round ink cartridges is the equivalent of 25 standard 20-ounce trucks. Bottle! Significantly reduce carbon emissions that have a greater impact on the environment. 


  • Cheap to get started. A plastic bottle, cap, and two sip cartridges (Berry Mix and Fruit Punch) cost only $ 5.00.
  • There are more than 30 flavors to choose from and you can mix and match the flavors of each group.
  • No caffeine, no caffeine, no sucrose, no stevia, no extra sweeteners. Featured series include Fitzip, Gossip, Bruce, Teesip, PureSip, and LifeSip.
  • Plastic or stainless steel bottles, two plastic bottles (small bottles are great for kids!)Bottle cap paint, 12 different colors, and two different sizes of insulation sleeves, and can be scraped into the bottle cap to catch tap water.
  • You can customize/create your own bottle, even if it is a little expensive ($ 50.00, oops!). You can also change the delivery frequency or cancel the delivery at any time.
  • The lid can be fixed or fixed with a hook and the plastic bottle fits the medium-size cup holder.
  • The case is a little more comfortable, but it is still effective without artificial colors or fragrances.
  • I want to keep the water clear, do not turn your lips or tongue into different flavors in blue or red, you can set how strong the taste you want.
  • Set the dial from 0 (no taste) to 10 (maximum taste) on the lid. I always start with one and adjust accordingly.
  • I usually live at 4-5 points, but I like the taste of classic coffee at 10 points.
  • Convenience. I like water inspired by fresh fruit, but it is not always a very practical or convenient choice.
  • Do not forget the most obvious and main purpose: drink plenty of water! The result of healthy choices and even saving money.


  • The family only has one starter kit. I understand the business case behind this;
  • It makes no sense for multiple people to try to share a bottle of water and we are not ready to invest a certain amount in advance without trying.
  • For example, if you could spend a few more dollars to buy a second plastic bottle, it would be great, the color is not the color you see online.
  • I’m ready to make some changes, but my husband wants to ask for a pink sleeve because it looks pink on the internet (I like it).
  • Not far. I know it’s a small detail, but I do not like this standard pink and never ask for it (the first-world problem, I know). I did not check their return/exchange policy, it did not bother me anyway.
  • Short sleeves … don’t be really cold. It still prevents perspiration and prevents your hands from getting cold and provides extra grip and comfort; So these are not bad.
  • I know it won’t be too cold. If you want to keep your water ice-cool longer, plan to invest in a stainless steel bottle ($ 30.00). The cartridge is not labeled.
  • Course bags; But when you want to change the taste, it is better to keep the original packaging slippery to identify them. This takes me to the next storage step. The storage containers they offer on their website are just two ink cartridges.
  • Traveling feels great; If you do not drink only two or three flavors until the capsules are used, it is not very practical.
  • The capsule does not have a label, so remember which side you are on or what taste you are drinking. Using non-reusable bottles, you can recycle each bottle.
  • Using a standard water bottle, you can wash after each use. Through the circle, the drinking spout is actually connected to the capsule.
  • If it’s easy, I want to know how clean it is. If the capsule is used an average of 5 to 6 times, the bacteria should grow and spread.

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Finally, a few words about  cirkul in this article.. 

Especially for children who use this product cirkul. Even in the same flavor setting, some of the pellets seem to have run out. This is usually due to the variety of flavors. For example, the overall taste of gossip black cherry is stronger than pure cucumber.

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