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7 Things to Know Before Moving to Chicago

7 Things to Know Before Moving to Chicago

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Chicago is filled with people, and its population currently sits at 2,679,080 people this year.

Every day, more and more people decide to move to Chicago for many different reasons.

Knowing what to expect from life in Chicago can make your transition easier overall.

Keep reading to learn about seven things to know before moving to Chicago!


1. Winter Weather

It’s no secret that the weather in Chicago, IL is usually cold and windy. Winter months can be harsh, especially for those coming from much warmer climates. Acclimating to the cold will take time and patience when you move here.

If you have children, be prepared for just as many “cold day” shutdowns as “snow day” shutdowns. These subzero winters can be dangerous when not taken seriously.

You’ll need to learn to dress appropriately for these harsh temperatures. Be sure you layer correctly and wear waterproof shoes. Your shoes should also have appropriate traction for walking in ice and snow.

Always stay prepared for this weather with extra clothing, gloves, water, and an umbrella. Protection from the winds can also help with the bone-shivering cold.

2. Vehicles Aren’t Necessary 

One of the best things about Chicago living is not needing to own a vehicle for daily transportation. This large city has an excellent public transportation service that can get you anywhere you need to be. There are also different options when it comes to public transportation so that you won’t be limited.

The “L” is Chicago’s system of trains and buses that transport passengers throughout the city. For this option, you can expect to spend no more than $2.50 per ride. You can load a card with money, so you don’t have to pay cash each day.

Another option is taking the Pedway, a walkway for pedestrians. This pathway has overhead bridges and underground tunnels for pedestrians to utilize. It links almost the whole city with its system.

Owning a bike gives you a little more flexibility and freedom since you won’t be waiting on a transport service or walking. Chicago has miles of bike lanes to ensure you travel safely. If you don’t own a bike, bike rentals can be found throughout the city.

Of course, there are other options such as a taxi cab or booking an Uber/Lyft. You can also use the lakefront to get from one side of the city to the other. Helpful signs are placed throughout to ensure you find your way.

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3. Food Scene

Chicago’s food scene is something the locals take seriously. They take great pride in the foodie lifestyle and work their hardest to produce some of the best foods in the United States.

The famous “Chicago style” pizza is a deep-dish pizza. Many restaurants throughout the city will give you their best versions. Some of the local’s favorites include Giordano’s, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, and Gino’s East.

Hot dogs are another staple in the food scene. Many Chicago neighborhoods will have hot dog stands offering a variety of different dogs. For a more formal experience, travel to a famous hot dog joint like Red Hot Ranch.

4. Festivals

Chicago locals love their festivals and celebrations throughout the warmer months. Their traditions are honored and shown through these festivals. Some notable celebrations include St. Patrick’s Day, Lollapalooza, and Taste of Chicago.

St. Patrick’s Day attracts many locals and tourists for its annual dyeing of the river. Each year, the Chicago River is dyed green for the holiday. You can enjoy these waters by kayaking or boating.

Lollapalooza is a large music festival put on each year for three days. It’s located at Loop’s Grant Park in August. This festival brings in a variety of music artists each year.

Taste of Chicago allows local eateries to showcase their best food and drinks. It’s noted as the world’s largest food festival, and it brings in thousands of tourists.

5. Affordable Living

Many think the cost of living in Chicago is outrageous and overpriced. However, that’s not the case as it’s barely above the United State’s average cost of living.

If you’re living in an area with a modest cost of living, Chicago will be no challenge for you to survive in. Keep in mind, as previously mentioned, you can cut vehicle expenses, which might make up for some of your budget.

Always check rent prices and average utility costs in the area you’re interested in before moving. View here for more information regarding buying a home.

6. Lots of Jobs

Chicago is known as “The City That Works,” meaning it’s a busy city full of job opportunities. You can find many Fortune 500 companies here that are offering jobs.

If you’re looking to advance your career, these big companies are the perfect place to start. Once you settle down in Chicago, you’ll be able to work your way through higher positions with the right mindset and work ethic.

7. Sports

Chicago has some of the best sporting fans on the planet. Their die-hard attitudes give their teams the ultimate support. Chicago has professional baseball, football, hockey, and basketball.

The Chicago Cubs and the White Sox are a massive rivalry in baseball. You’ll have to choose one team and stick to it, or other fans may be upset with you.

The Chicago Bears football team will give you a great experience when attending a game. The atmosphere is exciting and energetic, especially when going against the Green Bay Packers.

The Chicago Blackhawks are a notable hockey team since they have won the Stanley Cup three times in recent seasons.

The Chicago Bulls basketball team pulls in a dedicated crowd during each home game. These games can become intense, which will keep the excitement up for all of those in attendance.

Things to Know Before Moving to Chicago

Moving to Chicago can be a life-changing experience for many due to a more diverse lifestyle.

Hopefully, knowing these seven things will help you live your best Chicagoan life!

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