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7 Must-Have Windows Application & Software For Any New PC In 2022

7 Must-Have Windows Application & Software For Any New PC In 2022

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Have you bought a new PC?


Are you searching for the software and application to install there? 

This article is for you. When we get a new PC, it does not have all the essential software and applications you will need while using the PC. Thus equipping it with the essential software becomes necessary.

You need to ensure that you are installing all the software that will be needed for the proper functioning of your PC. The best part is that to get all the required software; you do not need to look out here and there; you will get them all from The Pirate Bay.

7 Must-Have Windows Application & Software For Any New PC In 2022

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about all the necessary software and applications you will need to smoothly run your PC without stopping a single task. So, now, let’s check out the list.

Must-Have 1: Internet Browser

It is obvious that you are going to use the internet on your PC. Whether you have it for working purposes or studying purposes, you will need to use the internet. That is why having an internet browser is mandatory for your PC.

Google Chrome is one of the best and most user-friendly internet browsers that you can have. Apart from that you also can opt for other popular ones.

Must-Have 2: Cloud Storage

Your PC does have some internet storage, but it will not last long. Of Course, you are going to store all your necessary data on it. But what if your system gets hacked or encounters any malware attack, you will lose all your data.

This is the reason why most of us are using cloud storage. Cloud storage comes with unlimited and unrestricted storage capacity. Starting Google Drive can do wonders.

Must-Have 3: Security

Have you thought about the security and safety of your system? Of course, you have. You are going to use the internet, download a lot of things, and access emails on your PC. All these things will expose you to cyber attacks.

In order to protect your system and the data it contains, having antivirus software is a must. You will get a lot of options in the market. Always ensure to download the software from official websites.

Must-Have 4: Media Player

Will you not watch movies or play installed videos on your PC?

Of course, you will.

In order to play any media file, you will need a media player. VLC is considered one of the most popular and easy-to-use media players. You might get a lot of other options for your reference.

Here, you need to make sure that you are downloading and installing a media player, which will be able to play and run almost any media file.

Must-Have 5: Screenshots

You might need to send a screenshot to your office people when you are using your PC for any office work. It can be a part of a file, an email, or any other official chat. Apart from your work, it is a great way to capture funny and memorable moments.

Having software or application for this sole purpose is mandatory. ShareX can be the perfect solution you were searching for.

Must-Have 6: File Extraction And Compression

You might know that some files come in the form of a ZIP file. Whether you are downloading the set of files to install software or a large file, you need to extract them to make it useful. Also, you eventually might need to compress a large file in order to send it to others.

In both cases, you will need software that is capable of extracting and compressing large files. 7-Zip is an amazing option to try on.

Must-Have 7: Messaging

Last but not least, a messaging application. You will need to chit-chat or have an official discussion with your office team. This is why messaging software is indeed needed. Skype is an excellent all-in-one solution.

Whether you want to send any file or want to have a video conferencing meeting or just some casual chatting, this software is a must-have.

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