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6 super ways to safeguard your future career

6 super ways to safeguard your future career

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You need to get prepared and stay relevant for tomorrow’s world. How will your employment opportunity be in the next five years to come? Will your career exist for the next 20 years? Nobody knows what the future holds, but we all know that we are in a changing world. It means that your employment descriptions could be very different or even irrelevant in a few years to come. If you set your skills to be in the past, you will struggle to get a promotion. There are 6 engineer skill assessment you can develop to make sure you don’t hit a dead end in your career. 


Find an “academy” organization

Whether in a new career or not, apply for companies that invest in people development. The same applies if you have an opportunity to change the direction along the way. Apply in the famous companies known for employee quality training and development programs. 

Working in such organizations will boost your chances to fulfil your potential. You will get continuous development programs beyond the technical skills needed. 

Be tech-savvy

Push yourself to keep technical skills current. Go for any available skills, even if they don’t seem to relate to your current job directly. You need to catch up on several skills before you change direction in future. Do it if you become familiar with coding, wearable technology, or AI. If you are working in a technical field, you need to stay current. Be proactive even if your company is still operating on past skills. 

Develop the skills to carry with you

Grow your professional journey by acquiring transferable skills needed by many employees. Skills like communication, leadership, stress management and innovation are major competencies.

Develop vast competencies, abilities, and skills to help you secure new jobs. You need to open your door to working in new industries. It’s the reason you will find nurses having business skills while webs designers with financial experiences. 

Think globally

You need to see beyond your local business community and search for your sector in other areas. You need to open up your mind to new techniques and attitudes. Businesses are globally and culturally diversified now, even more than before. Chances are high to meet clients, stakeholders, and co-workers worldwide. The experience you get by working with them makes you more confident. You will be more appealing to the eyes of many employers in the future. 

Develop your ability to work globally by learning to work with different cultures. Seek assignments that need international exposure and connections and also learn other languages. 

Keep a success journal

Record what you can do well, all the received accolades and your achieved results. Any employer needs to understand what you can do for their business. It becomes easier to record your strengths and successes when you keep an updated list. The best time to make this list is now and not when applying for jobs.

Build a professional network

Build new connections and develop relationships with people outside or within your organization. Such people have invaluable support as the work landscape changes. They bring opportunities when your position becomes uncertain. The connections will enable you to learn new skills, strategies, and technologies. They help you move a career in the right direction that you wish to go. 

You can develop your network by joining employees resource groups. You can also contact former colleagues and bosses via social media. You can also join professional networking and online forums. You need to develop your relationship beyond your current industry or career.

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