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4 Reasons Why Australian Musicians Need Music Licensing

4 Reasons Why Australian Musicians Need Music Licensing

by Alsion Lurie

If you plan to become a music artist in Australia, you have to know the figures to work your way around everything. One thing to remember is that Australia has one of the largest music industries, wherein it contributes $6 billion to the economy every year. And it also provides jobs for Australian 65,000 jobs, including 6,000 full-time musicians; you may just have a shot at becoming a well-established musician.

However, creating great music is not enough nowadays, especially when you want to make a living. If you want to protect your music from getting stolen, make sure you look for companies with the best music licensing in Australia. If you are not sure what music licensing can give you, take a look at some of the benefits that will convince you to get one. 


Benefit #1. Expose your music more to the public

The first benefit you will get out of licensing your music is that you get the chance to have more music exposure around Australia. Every musician’s goal is to put out good quality music in hopes that tons of people will keep listening and passing it to other people, thereby spreading his name. Unfortunately, exposing your music in today’s time is not that easy anymore without the proper music licensing. 

Even putting out your music on the internet may seem an easy thing to do. Still, there is a chance a new musician will barely get any recognition unless you have connections to famous Australian artists. But with music licensing, you can open yourself to all sorts of media exposure. 

Benefit #2. Build and grow your music resume

Another benefit that many musicians will like about working with the best music licensing in Australia  is that you get to build your music resume. In most cases, some artists would like to work with other well-known artists in the future, but they can only do that when they build an excellent resume. 

Besides getting the chance to work with other famous Australian musicians, a good music resume also helps you get endorsement deals, advertisements, and other organisations that want to collaborate with you. Furthermore, music licensing increases your chances of landing your first or multiple placements

Benefit #3. Generate income through streaming

Nowadays, music streaming can generate more income than CDs or any kind of physical music. Music licensing can help stream your music better and have your music licensed in Australian media like movies, TV shows, podcasts, video games, etc. The biggest money you can earn from music streams is when they play your music in major films, which is what most musicians want to achieve at some point in their career. 

Benefit #4. Keep top-quality music alive 

As a musician, it is important that you get a Synchronisation License because your music can reach other places besides the music industry. Sync licensing is a music license that grants the holder of the music to permit other entities to use their music along with visual media output. It expands your music’s reach to other people who are not fond of music streaming media, further increasing your popularity in Australia by a large margin. 

Make sure you remember the different benefits mentioned about music licensing. You should be able to better your music career with proper music licensing. 

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